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15 Mar

Jackie Dives Fights Abortion Stigma With Emotional Portraits

A few weeks ago, Jackie launched the Abortion Series project, where she’ll be profiling a variety of women who have had abortions, and sharing their experiences. The project was inspired by repressive laws against women's rights. “I think this series is both saying to other women ‘We are here. We understand. We support you.’ Jackie said. “And it’s also providing a glimpse into the experience of having an abortion, for those who haven't ever had one, who might need to understand more seriously the impact it has on a woman.” So far, Jackie has only photographed two women, but both portraits are intimate and personal, giving us a glimpse of what’s to come of the project. The portraits are similarly posed: both women...
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8 Mar

Michelle Terris Brings Body Positivity To The LA Fashion Scene

Michelle Terris always felt self conscious as a child. Growing up in Southern California, Michelle was fed images from the media that convinced her that her loose arms and extra body fat were something to be ashamed of. Then in 2008, Michelle’s father was diagnosed with ALS - a neurodegenerative disease that causes you to lose control of basic bodily functions. The disease completely changed Michelle’s view of her own body. “After watching my father lose his ability to do everyday things, and then all things, I gained a new perspective on my body image,” Michelle said. “Instead of seeing rolls of fat that needed to be diminished or jiggly arms, I started thinking about all the amazing things my body...
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28 Sep

10 Austin Photogs You Need To Follow On Instagram

Austin Texas, or ATX, is a true mecca for creatives, entrepreneurs, students, foodies and musicians. And speaking of musicians, live music is so pervasive in Austin it’s dubbed the “Live Music Capital of the World.” However, during my travels I quickly learned that Austinites do not take themselves too seriously - and that’s what keeps the city’s cool factor in check. From the wide spectrum of music, film, and interactive festivals like South By Southwest (SXSW) and the upcoming Austin City Limits, to the plethora of delish restaurants, funky art and cultural scenes, beautiful dog-friendly parks, and even meditation flash mobs, most Austinites agree that ATX is best showcased visually. Here are some of Austin's most innovative photographers (in no particular order)...
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19 Aug

Danielle Pottberg: Accidental Photographer and Dream Advocate

Life can throw us for quite a curveball sometimes. There are paths we never consider that we can find ourselves on, and end up thriving by taking a chance and going down them. Danielle Pottberg can certainly attest. While attending the Rhode Island School of Design to study art, photography was the last thing on her mind. In fact, she would only pick up a camera to document her art work. Art was her passion; photography was merely a tool to document it. During her thesis presentation on textiles, an outside critic looked at her photographs and told her that she should look into photography instead. Ouch. "At the time, I was insulted," Pottberg recalled. "Why focus on the photographs and...
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19 May

How to Achieve Balance Between Work and Life Passions from GOFITJO Founder Joanne Encarnacion

Joanne Encarnacion
There’s that tired and slightly demeaning phrase that is thrown with such frequency at women who dare to juggle a personal and professional life that it’s transformed into an eye-rolling cliché: “I don’t know how she does it.” It’s a statement that is hardly ever lodged at men, fueling the inherent misogyny behind the thought. But most offensively, it’s a statement that suggests women aren’t capable of greatness, or that the odds are automatically stacked against them. So when women are bosses of their personal and professional lives, meandering between the two to get shit done for their careers, family and themselves, we throw around that stupid phrase because we’re conditioned to think it’s the exception rather than the norm....
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17 May

Food Photography: Styling Tips Directly from a Pro

monika walecka dumplings
Luscious strawberry tarts. A perfectly poached egg spilling over homemade toast. Rich, cheesy pizza. Scrolling through Monika Walecka’s Instagram feed is like the worst form of food torture, being subjected to beautiful, droolworthy pictures of food that you’re unable to eat. Better known as @thereshecooks, Monika Walecka is a woman of many talents. Not only is she an accomplished baker and chef, she is also a professional food photographer, Instagram-famous and soon to be published author. However, unlike the typical light, white food photography so often seen, Walecka's moodier style, where dark shadows, cool tones and rich, saturated colors take precedent, is instantly striking. I recently sat down to chat with her about all things food photography, from essential gear...
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16 Mar

Exploring Authenticity and Optimism with Lifestyle Blogger Isabella Mente

The Internet is simultaneously the most emotionally honest and the least authentic destination a person can find. Armed with anonymity, creative tools, online assets and an audience, people are given immense freedom in regards to how they can represent themselves. Some people understand the emotional responsibility that comes with creating representative online profiles. Others abuse their power to mislead and manipulate. With anyone possessing the ability to build a following, it's easy to be seduced into ignoring your true colors for that extra like, or that additional more share. Isabella Mente, photographer and blogger at The Beautiful Mind, isn't so easily tempted. Mente understands, as someone with tens of thousands of followers, that a commitment to honesty turns her creative channels...
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19 Feb

The Hidden Stories Behind Ted Chin’s Photography

Photography is the art of preserving a fleeting moment. No moment lasts forever, unless someone has the eye to catch it. We're drawn to cameras and photographs because we want to be remembered. We want people to look back at our memories and get an idea of what our moment was like. Herein lies the art of a photographer. The difference between a snapshot and a photograph is that a photograph is intentionally framed and exposed as a memento that represents the best moment in a given atmosphere or situation. The photographers we most connect to are the ones who know how to create a specific mise en scene. Ted Chin creates his mise en scene with whimsical edits that give...
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16 Feb

2016’s hottest photography trends from Jessica Keener Photography

Selfie sticks. White linens. Rustic barns. Pets. Gold everything. In 2015, there were definite trends that stuck out in the photography world - ones that even Instagram photographers could recognize and appreciate. But heading into 2016, there are new terms and styles coming en vogue which seasoned pros will employ into their lifestyle, portrait, wedding and headshot photography. These are what photographers are being asked for by their clients, and what they are looking forward to experimenting with in the coming year. With that in mind, I spoke with Jessica Keener, of Jessica Keener Photography in Seattle, WA, about what trends we can look forward to in 2016. Lumoid: Hi Jess! Tell us a bit about you: how did you find...
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17 Nov

Mike Dempsey Photography: Delivering Spectacular, Gravity-Defying Photos with a Campy Instagram Handle

L.A. based photographer Mike Dempsey, aka @mikesbutt on Instagram, works from a place of anticipation and risk through his gravity-defying photos. From the fascinating, funny and peculiar, to the just plain WTF, Dempsey’s popular Instagram feed is filled with people performing all kinds of captivating stunts, such as planting a ninja-style kick to a skeleton’s face, slipping on banana peels and chasing after flying bowling pins. And as for the handle @mikesbutt, it was the first thing he thought of, and it stuck. However, he’s not capturing paranormal activity or death-defying feats. These bizarre aerial photos are created through a form of digital magic, though a large percentage of his work is produced as practically as possible. I had a chance to speak...
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