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9 May

Everything You Need To Know About Proposal Photography

Do Your Research  With proposal photography, you only get one chance to get the perfect shot, so it’s crucial to do plenty of research before the question is popped. Talk to the person who’s proposing about their plan for the evening. Will it be a private, intimate event with just the couple, or will family and friends be a part of the festivities as well? If the proposal includes more people than just the couple, be sure to coordinate with the family and friends and make sure everyone is clear about the plan, the time and the location. You don’t want little cousins popping up in the background of photos of the couple before the big question gets popped. Scout the...
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28 Apr

The Best Ways to Invest Your Money as a Photographer

Matej Sokol is a self-taught hobbyist who loves nature, mountains, and travel. To see more of his work, give him a follow on 500px. You want to be a better photographer, and I dare say you've probably already realized there are ways to be better. And while some of us are talented and create brilliant pictures before even knowing anything about photography, some of us need to invest in this field first to get some real results. Photography can be an expensive hobby: there are lots of lenses, cameras, and accessories to buy. But this post is NOT going to be about which brands you should invest in, or which lens is best—there are many articles and forum conversations that cover this...
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25 Apr

Everything You Need To Know About Shooting Music Festivals

Whether you’re a professional music photographer or a casual concert-goer, music festivals are a great place to capture some amazing pictures. Not only are they often set in beautiful locations - from the deserts of California to the heart of Chicago - but music festivals also provide multiple days of nonstop photographic opportunities.    If you’re a professional photographer shooting for the music festival or with a press pass, you’ll have more freedom to bring the equipment you need, like DSLR cameras, removable lenses, flashes, etc. If you don’t have a press pass and are just planning on photographing the event for fun, you’ll be much more limited in what you can bring in. Either way, with a little planning and...
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19 Apr

Your First Aerial Photoshoot: How to Make it Awesome

Aerial photography is mesmerizing. Whether it's a traditional aerial landscape like this one, or stunning abstract aerials like the ones in this post, every aerial photograph we've seen makes us want to take to the skies just a little bit more until — some day soon — we bite the financial bullet and just do it. And when we do, we'll follow every single piece of advice 500px photographer Scott McCook outlines in the amazing expert walkthrough he wrote for us below! Scott captured all the aerials included in this article. It's safe to say he knows what he's doing. So if you're planning to go on your first aerial photo shoot anytime soon, read this now and bookmark it for...
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14 Apr

How to Turn Your Landscapes Into Dreamy Impressionist Images

Meet Matt Molloy, a photography enthusiast and budding professional in Canada. You might've seen some of his jaw-dropping Impressionist painting-inspired landscapes on 500px. So many people have asked us how to create this technique, so he's here to share it with us! Scroll down and learn some neat processing tricks with this Time Stack tutorial. Sunset Spectrum by Matt Molloy on 500px I've always been amazed by time-lapse photography and the unique perspective of time it gives you. Once I got into photography, it was a natural direction for me to go. The more I explored time-lapse photography, the more I realized how versatile it is. Whether it's the perfect shot (selected from several hundred photos of the same scene), enhanced details...
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7 Apr

5 Secrets Every Photographer Should Learn

I am often asked about the so-called “secrets” behind my photography work. Because I believe in sharing knowledge, I am unveiling some of the crucial moments I always consider during my creation process.   1. Gear, Motivation, and Imagination By gear, I don’t mean having the best camera and lens in the world. How many amazing photos do we see everyday with older or budget equipments? Knowing your equipment very well beats not having a hundred megapixel sensor. Ask yourself: Where are the dials? How and what do they perform? How can they be tweaked to give me the best performance? Which is the sweet spot of my lens? Knowing these sorts of things create a more comfortable and confident mood whenever I...
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4 Apr

The Inspiration You Need to Break Out of the Dreaded Photo Slump

The dreaded photo slump is every photographer’s worst nightmare. It’s the dark valley of disappointment that all photographers - professional or amateur - fall into at some point during their relationship with the art form. Sometimes, the slump only lasts a few rather annoying seconds, like when a long exposure doesn’t turn out the way you were hoping or when you realize your shot of the winning touchdown is out of focus. Other times, the slump can agonizingly last for weeks or months (I once went six months without picking up or really even thinking about my camera). If gone unattended, the slump can extend for years. Regardless of whether your camera has been collecting dust for years or if you...
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28 Mar

9 Tips For Shooting a Successful Wedding

Wedding photography has become its own genre – and there’s a reason for it. Weddings are special, intricately planned, one time events. Unlike other styles of photography, there’s no going back for a do over so it’s especially important to be prepared for any obstacles that may arise. Whether you’re a new photographer or a well seasoned expert, the following tips to help you capture the bride, groom, and guests as best you can without making any easy-to-avoid mistakes. How many of these tips are you using today? Before the wedding, ask who will be the “Photo Wrangler” for those big family photos. Make sure you introduce yourself to that person. They’ll be invaluable time savers as you try to get everyone...
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18 Mar

Why You Need A Neutral Density Filter

I studied film in college and work for a photo app full-time, so I like to think I know what I'm talking about when it comes to DSLR photography. Admittedly, having recently just gotten back into taking my own photos, I may have forgotten just how much there is to consider. Specifically, beyond what camera, lens, aperture and tripod to use, I quickly remembered the importance of the oft-ignored filter. For instance, there I was, out on a pier in San Francisco, wondering why I couldn't get the shot I wanted of the Bay Bridge's Bay Lights. Flustered, I scrounged through my camera backpack desperately trying to find something - anything - that could help me get a better looking shot. And then...
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14 Mar

Your Lens Can Make Or Break You: What To Use For Every Type of Shoot

How to pick the right lens
When it comes to photo equipment, lenses are everything. You could have the most expensive camera bodies that Nikon and Canon make - the $6,000 Nikon D4S and Canon EOS 1DX - but that won’t matter if you’re not bringing the right kind of glass to your shoots. If you show up to a basketball game with only a fixed 50mm lens, you’re never going to capture those layups or fouls that happen across the court. If you show up to a portrait shoot with nothing but a macro lens, you might end up with great images of your subject’s eyes, but you won’t capture any portraits worthy of a high school yearbook or a family album. If you’re trying...
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