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19 Feb

The Hidden Stories Behind Ted Chin’s Photography

Photography is the art of preserving a fleeting moment. No moment lasts forever, unless someone has the eye to catch it. We're drawn to cameras and photographs because we want to be remembered. We want people to look back at our memories and get an idea of what our moment was like. Herein lies the art of a photographer. The difference between a snapshot and a photograph is that a photograph is intentionally framed and exposed as a memento that represents the best moment in a given atmosphere or situation. The photographers we most connect to are the ones who know how to create a specific mise en scene. Ted Chin creates his mise en scene with whimsical edits that give...
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16 Feb

2016’s hottest photography trends from Jessica Keener Photography

Selfie sticks. White linens. Rustic barns. Pets. Gold everything. In 2015, there were definite trends that stuck out in the photography world - ones that even Instagram photographers could recognize and appreciate. But heading into 2016, there are new terms and styles coming en vogue which seasoned pros will employ into their lifestyle, portrait, wedding and headshot photography. These are what photographers are being asked for by their clients, and what they are looking forward to experimenting with in the coming year. With that in mind, I spoke with Jessica Keener, of Jessica Keener Photography in Seattle, WA, about what trends we can look forward to in 2016. Lumoid: Hi Jess! Tell us a bit about you: how did you find...
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16 Feb

Founder of Circuit Works Studio explains why your gym resolution will fail

I used to watch celebrities work out. It’s actually less creepy than it sounds. I previously worked for a well-known studio in Santa Monica called Circuit Works - the key word being “studio,” and not “gym,” as Circuit Works only has classes and personal training sessions available. This ain’t your come-and-go, dirty elliptical, grandma’s gym; this is a sleek facility tailored to your specific needs, and I have seen the results not only in Circuit Works’ clientele (famous and non), but also in my own body. Raphael Verela, owner of Circuit Works I spoke with Raphael Verela, the owner and founder of Circuit Works, on what it is about his system that keeps workout fanatics coming back for...
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22 Dec

Thorn Creates Unprecedented Tech Innovation Lab to Fight Child Sexual Exploitation

Think you have what it takes to be a “Digital Defender of Children?” Ashton Kutcher could use your help. Both Kutcher and Demi Moore partnered together to build upon their former task force projects by starting Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children, a non-profit organization dedicated to driving technological innovation to fight child sexual exploitation. “What I’ve seen makes you question humanity,” states Ashton Kutcher. “Technology plays a huge role in child sexual exploitation and we are committed to making the Internet a more hostile environment for predators.” Innovate, Experiment and Think Big Thorn recently announced a groundbreaking Innovation Lab in Silicon Valley, and is now looking for the best and brightest to work in collaboration with their research groups, tech companies, non-profits,...
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16 Dec

Kalu Yala: An Off-The-Grid Startup Creating the World’s First Sustainable Modern Town Deep in the Panamanian Jungle

Kalu Yala, which means “sacred land” in the indigenous Kuna language, is a 7,000+ acre community 50 minutes from downtown Panama City that lies in the belly of a breathtaking Panamanian rain valley. This off-the-grid village at the intersection of North and South America has a clear message: “To teach. To learn. To start a conversation, a business, or an adventure. We disconnected from the grid, so that we can reconnect to one another and to what life is meant to be.” On this tropical frontier, Kalu Yala is building a fully sustainable “Parisian style” settlement with plans to become a town eventually housing a population of more than 10,000 people.   The man at the heart of this open-source community is...
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8 Dec

Jackie VanderBrug Hopes Gender Lens Impact Investing Will Foster Economic Growth and Social Change

It’s a sad state of affairs that in 2015, women still earn only 78 cents to every dollar a man earns. It’s not as if women are a small fraction of the workforce, nor are they unqualified or lacking the skills and education needed to succeed in top positions. The exact opposite is true in many cases. In efforts to combat this unacceptable issue, focus is turning toward a rapidly growing market known as gender lens impact investing. This technique uses gender as a category of analysis to target and invest in companies led by women, those that benefit women through their products and services and those that promote gender equity. Jackie VanderBrug, senior vice president and investment strategist at U.S....
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16 Nov

Julie Nimoy, Husband David Knight and BioLucid Partner Together for COPD Tribute Film to Late ‘Star Trek’ Legend

With the 50th anniversary of the iconic sci-fi saga Star Trek steadily approaching in 2016, you can bet many Trekkie tributes will be held honoring the culturally influential show. Reportedly, a new Star Trek series will debut in 2017, just a few months shy of the anniversary of the original show that premiered in September 1966. Truly light years ahead of its time, the “OG” intergalactic series showcased epic battles, memorable special effects and skillfully tackled social issues of the era, such as racial intolerance and war. And who can forget the show’s utopian view of the future beautifully demonstrated through its unforgettable characters? Sadly, one of show’s most iconic half-human, half-Vulcan characters, Mr. Spock, portrayed by the legendary actor Leonard...
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5 Nov

The Glanse Fashion App – Simplifying Shopping for Sales In Under A Minute

Annoyed with having to search or sign up for a zillion emails or print coupons just to receive one sale reminder from your favorite clothing store? The new Glanse mobile app, created by Evelyn Zoubi and her company, seeks to avoid this shopping hassle by “curating all your favorite clothes on sale from 1,500 brands to show female shoppers the ones available in stock and in their size.” Here's what Glanse promises: You receive sale notifications the minute Glanse curates the most popular items the app identifies, all in real time. You don’t have to purchase clothes from multiple websites; the trendiest items come to you in one destination. You can share the love of a great find with friends. And with notifications like...
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2 Nov

Women and Girls Lead Global: Storytelling And Technology Creating Social Change Around The World

Everyone has a story to tell. However, many people's voices are stifled due to the environment or circumstance that they find themselves in. Be it overcrowded classrooms, impoverished nations or under a regime that persecutes minorities, many don’t have a platform to deliver their stories or more importantly, speak their truth - especially women and girls. Film is one of the most powerful mediums to not only present stories, but to inspire millions of individuals across the world to partner with their communities and transform lives; this is the message behind Women and Girls Lead Global (WGLG). WGLG is a multimedia campaign in partnership with ITVS, USAID, Ford Foundation and CARE designed to spark real change on global challenges like gender-based...
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26 Oct

Say Goodbye to Tangled Wires with Skybuds Wireless Earphones and Phone Case

We’ve all been there before. You’re heading out your door to start your morning commute, ready to muffle out the sounds of early morning and the surrounding world with your carefully curated playlist. You go to plug in those earphones in order to drown out the reality happening around you, and then suddenly, catastrophe strikes. You’re faced with a tangled knot of wires, a daunting jigsaw puzzle that requires way too much dexterity and grip that early in the morning to release those buds from their imprisoned web. Skybuds feels your pain, and they want to remedy that issue once and for all with their truly wireless earbuds. “The inspiration came from wanting to free ourselves from wires, forever,” said Jamie...
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