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7 Aug

7 Travel Photo Projects for the Adventure of a Lifetime

It's easy enough to take stunning travel photos. When you're abroad, everything seems like a great photo opportunity and even if it's not, the sheer fact of you being in a new and different place will bring in the Instagram likes. But diverging from the typical touristy travel shots and focusing on a single themed project can enhance your trip like you might never have thought possible. Focusing your photographic energies on one project will help you become better immersed in the culture of the place you’re visiting. It’ll force you to single in on one aspect of that culture and talk to locals to learn more about your subject. And at the end of your trip, you’ll return home with...
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7 Jul

This Jacket Will Change How You Travel

In a move to create the Swiss army knife of the apparel world, Baubax has announced a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign around its line of travel jackets, which are equipped with a whopping 15 built-in special features meant to solve all of your travel related problems, your marital woes, and possibly, world hunger. Those last two have yet to be proven, but this jacket is certainly a dream come true for the frequent traveler, and has an answer for pretty much any travel hassle you can think of. This jacket has everything: an eye mask, an inflatable neck pillow built in to its hood, gloves, a zipper with a telescoping pen and stylus, a drink pocket and nine other utility pockets built...
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29 May

Photo Destinations in Central America

Central America is a traveler’s gold mine with so many small, yet incredibly diverse nations packed closely together. It also provides a dream trip for any shutterbug. This part of the world is full of rich history, untouched rainforests and idyllic beaches. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a volcano erupting! The possibilities for photographers are endless. I’ve done some extensive traveling in the region and have come up with a list of some of my favorite spots that should end up on any photographer’s itinerary. I’ve included a few of these for their unmatched pristine beauty and others for their cultural significance. Tikal National Park In hot and steamy northern Guatemala near the city of Flores, Tikal National Park quickly...
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1 May

How to Hang Out Like a Local in Istanbul

As one of the world’s most popular destinations, Istanbul certainly has its fair share of touristic sights. Sultanahmet – the city’s historical part – has some truly awe-inspiring attractions. Of particular note is the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and underground Basilica Cisterns, all architectural masterpieces in their own right - they help form the very identity of the city. Locals know this, and you know this, too. So, once we’ve ticked these off our list and escaped the throngs of tourists, how can we tap into the pulse of the real, energetic Istanbul as a local might? Here are a few places you can start off. DO The seaside town of Anadolu Kavağı, and the last ferry stop of...
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20 Apr

4 Pleasantly Surprising Facts About Transylvania

Bringing to mind spooky alpine forests, isolated peasant villages ideal for a Deliverance movie sequel, and, of course, Bram Stoker’s ghastly ‘Dracula’, Transylvania is Romania’s most well known region. After a week in the enigmatic region, I discovered some interesting facts about the town..including the true story behind Dracula. Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ Was Real – but not quite as you imagined 15th century German woodcarving, showing Vlad and his impaled victims The blood-sucking lord of the undead is one of the country’s chief tourist attractions. While less supernatural, the real Dracula was just as blood-thirsty. Bram Stoker based his ghoulish villain on Vlad the Impaler – who, true to his cognomen, favored impalement as the method of executing his...
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17 Apr

Ten Epic Photography Locations in San Diego You’ve Never Heard Of

From the sparkling downtown skyline to beautiful Balboa Park, San Diego has its fair share of iconic images. But there’s even more to this city than the visitor brochures tell you. This article outlines ten weird, wild and out-of-the way places for photographers to take awesome images. 1. South Bay Salt Works ecoronado Despite this business having been around for over 100 years, most locals don’t even know it exists. Located on an isolated stretch of the San Diego bay, this location earns a spot on the list for providing unique photography opportunities. Head here late in the afternoon to watch the sun perform magic on massive, shimmering dunes of salt and Orwellian machinery throughout. Located at 1470 Bay Blvd,...
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13 Apr

Thailand’s Songkran New Year’s Festival: the World’s Biggest Water Fight

From Spain’s La Tomatina, to Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival and India’s Holi Festival, the world is full of amazing cultural celebrations that fill us with awe and amusement. They inspire travelers and photographers everywhere to pack their bags and head for the far corners of the planet. One of my favorites happens this month in Thailand - The Songkran Festival. Songkran is one of the most unique ways of ringing in a new year anywhere in the world. Songkran is much more than just a typical Near Year’s celebration with a countdown leading up to some confetti and a few fireworks - it is a festival steeped deep in a cultural tradition of washing away sins in water that has evolved into...
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11 Mar

Travel Spotlight: Barcelona, Spain

Aarthi Ramamurthy, founder of Lumoid, recently visited Barcelona, Spain and spent a weekend touring different parts of the country. We sent her a Canon SL-1 camera and a Canon 40mm pancake lens, along with her iPhone. Here are some photos and tips from her trip. Olympics Stadium Barcelona hosted the Olympics in 1992, and the Olympics stadium is located in Montjuic, a large hill to the southwest of the city which overlooks the harbor. Tip: While shooting photos of sports stadiums, pick a wide angle lens, such as the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens. If you’re shooting without a tripod, bump up the ISO to a level that your camera can handle well, without making the image too noisy. La Sagrada Familia  The Sagrada Familia is...
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9 Mar

Travel Spotlight: Republic of Ireland

Zachary, Operations Manager at Lumoid, teamed up with to take 25 students on a photo workshop to Ireland. What he took with him:   Wanting to travel with the perfect combination of weight, size, and versatility, Zachary took his Fuji X100S, Nikon Df, and three fast prime lenses. One of the highlighted stops along their trip was Galway. A bustling city filled with university students on the Irish west coast. Here are his photos as well as tips to getting the right shot: Tip: When shooting with the X100S at night don’t be afraid to crank up the ISO. Tech specs: ISO 5000, F/2.0 @ 1/60sec Tip: When walking around cities use a 35mm lens to capture the whole scene. Tech specs: Fuji X100S, ISO 500, F/5.6...
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4 Dec

On the Pacific Coast Trail with a Camera

With the movie Wild debuting in theaters around the country tomorrow,  we're betting on record traffic this summer along the film's dramatic location, the 2,663 mile-long Pacific Coast Trail. The movie is based on writer Cheryl Strayed's memoir about her 1995 solo hike, for which she packed — and then regretted packing — substantial camera gear.  As Strayed's account of her journey makes clear, when you're hauling  everything you need on your back, including food, tent,  and water, any gear that's neither essential for survival nor immediately soul gratifying quickly gets tossed or mailed home. Photographers intrigued by the PCT and its colorful, ever-changing band of pilgrims can take a lesson from Strayed's mistake and bring lighter gear. Or they can do what San Francisco-based photographer Eric Tuttle did and avoid the limitations...
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