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10 Sep

Are Apple’s AirPods the Future of Audio Gear?

Apple AirPods
You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone. As the world mourns over Apple’s decision to strip away the headphone jack from the new iPhone 7, memorials for the little hole that offered so much comfort and promise are taking the Internet by storm – not to mention sheer outrage. Whatever side of the fence you may fall on when it comes to the hot headphone jack debate of our modern times, Apple didn’t leave us high and dry with their decision. The removal of the headphone jack paves the way for Apple to introduce their own line of wireless headphones for future devices. These wireless earbuds are called AirPods, and they just might be the future of audio...
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7 Sep

5 Healthy Lunches That Will Keep Your Weight in Check

healthy lunches
It can be tough to eat a healthy lunch during a rigorous workday. Oftentimes, most of us can only spare a quick half hour to scarf something down before getting back to the grind of a 9-5. Due to these time constraints, we often find ourselves grabbing something quick that isn’t necessarily the healthiest option to consume, setting our diet and weight goals back. However, there are some easy, healthy lunch options that are just as tasty as anything you could grab from a takeout place that will actually help you keep your ideal weight on track, and even facilitate weight loss. Lunches that possess a balance of fibrous carbs, protein and fat will not only keep you fuller and satisfied during...
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5 Sep

4 Reasons You Won’t Want to Miss the 2016 PhotoPlus Expo

Whether you're a photographer, photojournalist, videographer, photo educator or student, you've probably heard of the PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo. The largest photography and imaging conference in all of North America, the PhotoPlus Expo boasts an attendance of more than 21,000 photo enthusiasts from all over the globe, upwards of 250 big name exhibitors with their latest products and even 100+ educational seminars for attendees. Expos on such massive scales like this can sometimes be a little overwhelming, but they're great opportunities to check out what's up-and-coming in the industry. Here are the four reasons you'll want to be present at the 2016 conference in New York City this October 20-22! 1. Fantastic keynote speakers On Friday, October 21st, Senior Photography Editor as UNICEF, Christine Nesbitt Hills, will...
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4 Sep

Pebble Uncovers the Keys to Happiness

Pebble Happiness app
This summer, smartwatch maker Pebble set out to answer one of life’s burning questions: Just what is it that makes people happy? Launching their very own app (the Happiness App) to kickstart this project, Pebble has spent months curating data that users of Pebble devices and the app have recorded in regards to their mood and energy levels during a given day. Tens of thousands of people contributed to the experiment, noting the things and circumstances that brought them the most glee, and now, Pebble has released these findings. If you’re looking for some tips on your personal pursuit of happiness, read on below to learn what Pebble discovered made for shiny, happy people. First, let’s break down the obvious. Users...
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31 Aug

Lull Yourself to Sleep with These Healthy Bedtime Snacks

It’s a complete and total fitness myth that eating right before bed will make you gain a ton of weight. Sure, if you scarf down a cheeseburger or polish off a pint of Ben & Jerry’s right before bed every night, you’re bound to feel and look a little more bloated and probably start packing on a few lbs. However, if a hunger pang strikes right as you’re nestling between your sheets, you don’t have to starve yourself in order to keep your diet or weight on the right path. In fact, a little nosh before bed can help you sleep better and prevent you from waking up in the middle of the night and attacking the contents of your...
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29 Aug

The Best Cities for Drone Pilots and Enthusiasts

Thanks to pesky federal regulations, it’s not the easiest task in the world finding a spot where you can legally fly a drone. There are tons of no-fly zones that restrict drone usage, not to mention things like airports and stadiums, which are strictly forbidden when it comes to drone air traffic. Still, some cities around the country are thriving when it comes to all things drone. For example, Houston, TX is the most prominent drone city in the country, with more than 3,000 registered drones in the metropolitan area. You’ve also got cities like Miami, Cincinnati and Orlando, which boast some of the highest ratios of drones per capita. Still, if you’re looking for the most drone-accommodating cities across...
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24 Aug

10 Habits to Help You Learn to Love Exercising

Getting in shape can be hard. Some of us just aren't blessed with the athletic gene or maybe we have serious trouble getting our head off the pillow on those early mornings we swear we'll get up for a run. As it turns out, developing and following certain routines can make the whole process a whole lot smoother - you might even find yourself enjoying those sweat-it-out sessions more than you thought. Here are 10 simple habits you can develop to teach yourself to love exercising: 1. Get feedback Getting real-time feedback and results on your workouts can give you the motivation you need to push forward in your exercise routine. Wearable devices like the Fitbit Charge HR and the Garmin Vivosmart will...
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19 Aug

Celebrate World Photo Day with These 8 Incredible Photographers

August 19 is like Christmas for photographers. That’s because this late summer day marks the annual celebration of the international photography event known as World Photo Day. In efforts to relish in the unbridled passion of the photography community, World Photo Day inspires photographers worldwide to share a single photo with one purpose: sharing their vision of the world with everyone. In honor of World Photo Day, lets take a look at the work of eight brilliant photographers that have captured our attention with their expert craft and stunning ability to capture the world in unique, breathtaking ways. Danielle Pottberg Artist Danielle Pottberg stumbled into photography by accident, but that happy accident led to the birth of a truly skilled photographer. She...
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19 Aug

Couple Immortalizes Their Nuptials with Virtual Reality

One bride and groom decided to do away with the “take home a centerpiece” giveaway at their wedding, and instead gifted attendees (and each other) with a technologically savvy wedding gift: an immortalization of their nuptials in virtual reality. Taking the wedding video idea to a completely new level, newlyweds Daniel and Ilana captured their entire wedding in sweeping, immersive, 360-degree virtual reality. The couple hired Florida-based startup YouVisit to make their virtual reality matrimonial dreams an actual reality, creating what essentially amounts to a virtual reality time capsule of their wedding that they can literally experience over and over again. “As we started to plan the wedding, it became clear we needed something that could truly capture everything about the...
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18 Aug

Watch This Year’s VMA Video of the Year Nominees Using These Amazing Headphones

It’s that time of year again – time for the most outrageous awards show of them all! Of course, what other show could I be talking about besides the MTV Video Music Awards, which take place Sunday, August 28? From the very first show in 1984 with Madonna writhing around on stage in a wedding gown up to last year’s epic Miley Cyrus/Nicki Minaj feud, and of course, all of the pop star makeouts, twerking, “Imma let you finish…” and python snakes in between, the VMAs never fail to deliver on outrageous, watercooler moments. Oh, they also hand out some awards for music videos as well. This year’s five Video of the Year nominees are surprisingly solid. To acquaint or...
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