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26 Jul

7 Tips for Adding Resistance Training to Your Workout

If your usual exercise regimen doesn't include resistance training, you might want to reconsider your workout. Resistance training is super beneficial to your overall health and wellness as it can improve your metabolism, enhance your muscle tone, decrease body fat and even boost your balance and motor skills. As you age, you lose muscle mass and strength which resistance training can help you gain back and maintain. If you manage to sprinkle a little resistance training into your workout routine, even if it's just a few times a week, you'll see improved joints and range motion making you less prone to falls and other injuries. However, to get the best results from this kind of training, it's best to use a mix...
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26 Jul

7 Quinoa Recipes for Healthy Eating All Week Long

Health food fads may come and go, but quinoa mania seems to be sticking around a lot longer than the rest --- and for good reason. Quinoa is as versatile as it is good for you. Not only is it loaded with essential amino acids but it's incredibly easy to make in big batches to help get your meal prep game on point. Worried about eating meals and snacking healthy on a day-to-day basis? Cook up a ton of quinoa at the start of the week and follow these simple and delicious recipes to stay healthy and well fed with ease. 1. Kale and Quinoa Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms Courtesy of Cristina Cavanaugh/Begin Within Nutrition Mushrooms, kale, dried cranberries, garlic ---...
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23 Jul

The Wearables & Headphones You Need for Lengthy Summertime Runs

Summertime is perfect for going on long runs. Whether you’re an early bird and want to catch the sunrise on your jog around the park, or want to bask in the warm glow of a sunset near the water, running during the summer simply can’t be beat thanks to the great weather and wonder of the season. Plus, as an exercise, it’s a great cardio workout that will keep you fit during the time of the year where you’ll be showing more skin and wearing less clothing. To really get the most out of your summer runs, you’re going to want the right wearable to track your run and pair of headphones to help soundtrack it. Below is a list...
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17 Jul

Sensaura AI Software Wants to Track Your Emotions Through Your Wearable

Most wearables are focused on the physical fitness vertical – monitoring things like how many steps you take, what your heart rate is, how many calories you burn during a workout, etc. However, as studies have shown, mental health is just as important, if not more, than physical health. Despite this, there’s a startling lack of wearables out there that track any sort of data or metric relating to one’s mental or emotional state of being. That’s where Sensaura comes in. As an artificial intelligence software program, Sensaura will tap into the wearables and fitness trackers you already own in order to track and monitor your emotions. To get to the heart of what you’re feeling, the Montreal-based startup software firm...
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14 Jul

Use These 11 Simple Tips to Help Yourself Fall Asleep Easier

There's nothing quite as awful as helplessly lying awake in the dark at night, feeling the hours pass by and having those sweet tendrils of sleep slip just out of your grasp. Next thing you know, your alarm is blaring in your ear and you're forced to get up and face the day feeling drained and cranky. Catching good quality Zs can sometimes evade even those of us who need them most, but the fact of the matter is that sleep and sleeping well is super important in regards to your overall health and happiness. A night or two of bad sleep is something that all of us face from time to time, but chronic episodes of insomnia or lack of sleep can...
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13 Jul

Snapchat Introduces Huge Change to App with ‘Memories’

If you’ve ever wished you could hang on to your favorite Snaps for just a little bit longer, Snapchat Memories is here to make that dream come true. Now, in addition to being able to save Snaps to your Story and your phone's camera roll, Snapchat enables users to save some of their favorite Snaps to the servers of Snapchat. Swiping up from the main Snapchat camera screen, the Memories gallery allows users to view or share their most memorable Snaps and includes a feature to privatize anything they don't want friends and family to see using the My Eyes Only function. Photos from your camera roll as well as old Stories you've posted in the past can be added to Memories and shared on your...
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23 Jun

The Best Jawbone Fitness Trackers To Get You In Summer Shape

Jawbone wearables
If you’re truly serious about getting fit and toned for the summer, then you should definitely be looking into acquiring a Jawbone fitness tracker. Jawbone is a premier health and fitness brand, and their utilitarian, effective and easy to use fitness trackers are perfect for wearable newbies to pick up and start training to meet their fitness goals. Below are some of the best Jawbone fitness trackers on the market today, all conveniently available to rent for a trial basis through Lumoid. With summer rapidly approaching, let Jawbone help sculpt you into tip-top shape. Jawbone UP2 Flat Strap   Fitness trackers never looked so good. On the outside, UP2 is the thinnest, sleekest and savviest tracker out there. On the inside, Smart Coach...
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21 Jun

SmartMat Is the World’s First Intelligent Yoga Mat

A staple of any yoga practitioner, novice to body-bending master, is a yoga mat. But I guarantee you’ve never seen a yoga mat like SmartMat, the world’s first intelligent yoga mat designed to be your very own personal yoga teacher and take your skills and workout to the next level. SmartMat can detect when you’re out of alignment while striking your twisty poses and give you real-time feedback on how to course correct for a maximum burn. With SmartMat coaching you, you’ll come out of your next yoga session more zenned out than ever before. Realizing that there’s no such thing as universality when it comes to yoga, SmartMat is designed to calibrate to its user by taking them through a...
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15 Jun

Wearables to Build Up Endurance for a Long Distance Race

So, you’re ready to tackle your first marathon or long distance race? Congratulations, you’re a glutton for punishment. Joking aside, distance races are a great way to test out the pinnacle of your training and workout routine. Still, that doesn’t mean these lengthy races won’t cause some wear and tear on your body. Luckily, there are wearables available that will work to train your body, or are tailor-made to assist with vigorous long distance racing, so you can take your endurance to the next level and cross the finish line like a pro! As an added bonus, all the wearables list below are available to rent for a trial basis at Lumoid. On your mark, get set, go! Garmin Fenix 3   In...
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8 Jun

Amp Up Your Tabata Workout with These Wearables

The big thing in the health and fitness world these days is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). These routines are not only timesavers because they cram different workouts together to burn a maximum amount of calories quickly, but even the cool down or rest periods of an HIIT routine will let you burn calories, even when it seems like you’re doing nothing at all! A trendy new HIIT routine has emerged recently called Tabata, and it’s quickly becoming all the rage in the fitness world due to its full-body encompassing routine and amazing results. Tabata combines 20-second bursts of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest in a workout that comprises rounds that last just four minutes total. Short, sweet, effective...
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