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22 Apr

Photographer Matt Robertson: What It Takes to Shoot Artists Like Kid Cudi, Whiz Khalifa, and Maroon 5

The allure of the rockstar lifestyle is easily explained: fame, travel, appreciation, adoration, influence, and experiences that are easily reserved for the very, very few. Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to be a rockstar. Despite our curiosity about the ins and outs of what that lifestyle is like, very few of us will ever be able live it. So what's the next best thing? We want to read everything we can about celebrities. We want to hear from their friends about what it's "actually like." We watch every video and dissect every photograph just for a glimpse into this lifestyle as we imagine ourselves in their shoes. If you can't be a rockstar, why not travel with one, photographing their exploits...
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27 Feb

Lesley Chilcott Discusses Film CODEGIRL and Why Closing Tech Gender Gap Is Crucial

Girls around the world are dreaming BIG. They want to be entrepreneurs and coders in the skyrocketing app market, and they yearn to develop apps to help their communities and change the world. But how can young women hope to achieve these critical goals if, by 2017, the estimated $77 billion dollar app market is projected to be filled with developers who are 80 percent male? Lesley Chilcott, acclaimed producer of award-winning documentaries such as An Inconvenient Truth and Waiting for Superman, is now shining a laser-like spotlight on this very issue through her latest documentary CODEGIRL, which she hopes will encourage young women to enter computer programming and jump-start a movement to close the tech gender gap. Released on YouTube for free last November, and now available for download online...
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16 Nov

Julie Nimoy, Husband David Knight and BioLucid Partner Together for COPD Tribute Film to Late ‘Star Trek’ Legend

With the 50th anniversary of the iconic sci-fi saga Star Trek steadily approaching in 2016, you can bet many Trekkie tributes will be held honoring the culturally influential show. Reportedly, a new Star Trek series will debut in 2017, just a few months shy of the anniversary of the original show that premiered in September 1966. Truly light years ahead of its time, the “OG” intergalactic series showcased epic battles, memorable special effects and skillfully tackled social issues of the era, such as racial intolerance and war. And who can forget the show’s utopian view of the future beautifully demonstrated through its unforgettable characters? Sadly, one of show’s most iconic half-human, half-Vulcan characters, Mr. Spock, portrayed by the legendary actor Leonard...
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16 Oct

Samantha Lee Strikes Gold with Just a Pen and Her Imagination

Based around the evolving idea of discovery with each artistic piece pulling inspiration from the ordinary to the fantastic, Samantha Lee is a San Francisco pen and ink illustrator with a phenomenal eye for texture and proportion. Lee’s work represents her own self-discovery and quiet moments lost in time. Never planned out, each piece is mixed media with a focus on pen and ink, drawn on a whim section by section. That sort of artistic spontaneity usually requires the use of erasable pencils, but there's not a hint of graphite to be found in Lee's work. Lee finds inspiration through people who “keep at it in life” and work hard until they make something of themselves. Her hope is that when people...
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1 Apr

Aleksandra Zee: where woodwork and photography unite

Though a woodworker, Aleksandra Zee relies heavily, if not entirely, on her Instagram account to engage her community and bolster her sales. As a passion in addition to a necessity for her career as an artist, Zee continually offers a day-in-the-life perspective, allowing her followers to see her process every step of the way in her craft as well as in her life. Viewers are able to walk into her day-to-day to experience moments at home, cuddle sessions with her dog, outdoor escapades with her boyfriend, and a start to finish perspective of her artwork. She divulges that though she has no photography experience, her love for shooting has grown tremendously with her need to market her work. Here, she discusses her...
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