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22 Sep

Become a Pokémon Master with This Pokémon GO Wearable

Pokemon GO wearable
To say that Pokémon GO became an unexpected phenomenon is a bit of an understatement. It is, however, a testament to two things: the power of nostalgia and the technologic evolution of gaming and augmented reality. After a monstrous big bang of a launch, the craze surrounding Pokémon GO has died down a bit and the public and player fascination has waned, mostly due to a lack of updates. Makers Niantic Labs are trying to reignite the Poké craze, and while upgrades to the app itself don’t appear to be on the horizon much to the chagrin of players, the game is getting even techier if it’s possible. Trainers, meet the Pokémon GO Plus wearable! Starting September 16, Pokémon GO players...
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5 Sep

4 Reasons You Won’t Want to Miss the 2016 PhotoPlus Expo

Whether you're a photographer, photojournalist, videographer, photo educator or student, you've probably heard of the PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo. The largest photography and imaging conference in all of North America, the PhotoPlus Expo boasts an attendance of more than 21,000 photo enthusiasts from all over the globe, upwards of 250 big name exhibitors with their latest products and even 100+ educational seminars for attendees. Expos on such massive scales like this can sometimes be a little overwhelming, but they're great opportunities to check out what's up-and-coming in the industry. Here are the four reasons you'll want to be present at the 2016 conference in New York City this October 20-22! 1. Fantastic keynote speakers On Friday, October 21st, Senior Photography Editor as UNICEF, Christine Nesbitt Hills, will...
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2 Aug

Instagram Introduces Snapchat-Inspired Stories Feature

In the increasingly competitive social media market, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook reign as the top three networks used by young people. With Snapchat rolling out new features on a pretty regular basis, Facebook-owned Instagram has been struggling to keep up on quite the same level. Cue the announcement of Instagram Stories. With fewer features than Snapchat Stories, but essentially a clone-copy, Instagram Stories allows users to post photo and video stories that disappear after 24 hours. Instagram co-founder and chief executive Kevin Systrom expressed interest in creating Instagram Stories to act as a place where users can post and share all their daily life moments that they might not deem "special" enough for their more curated Instagram feed and as something to...
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19 Jul

New App FStop Is the Tinder of the Photography Collaboration World

Are you a photographer that needs a model or stylist for a shoot, like, pronto? Don't worry - there's an app for that! FStop is a new app that's aiming to make putting together photo shoots super streamlined for all parties involved. Once you download the app and set it up, you'll be able to match with photographers, models, retouchers, stylists and makeup gurus interested in working and collaborating with others. There are easy-to-use filter options based on what type of individual you're looking to work with, such as body features, pay rate, age, location, sex and body modifications. Similar to Tinder, tapping a person's profile card will show you their full details. You can either hit the red "X" to dismiss them or...
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18 Jul

Does Snapchat’s New Memories Feature Defeat the Purpose of Snapchat?

The big, fresh and shiny update for Snapchat hit mobile users recently, and the talk of the town is the new Memories feature. Memories allows you to save photos and videos you take within Snapchat into a photo album within the app, edit and send them solo or grouped together at a later time and even upload photos and videos from your phone’s camera roll into the Snapchat Memories bank so you can Snapchat-ify them and publish them to your Story. Reaction to this new update has been mixed and lukewarm – I fall firmly on the opposed side, as I think Memories blows up the premise of what makes Snapchat so unique in the social media image sharing landscape....
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11 Jul

This Black Lives Matter Protest Photo is Being Hailed as ‘Iconic’

In light of recent events, Black Lives Matter protests are happening all across the nation from California to New York. Of all the photos surrounding these events, one shot specifically is receiving widespread attention, even being called “iconic.” The photo in question depicts 28-year-old nurse Ieshia Evans taking a stand against the orders of local authorities to clear the public road and being taken into custody. Reuters photographer Jonathan Bachman caught the powerful moment with his camera on Saturday, July 9th, 2016 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana as police decked out in riot gear were attempting to break up protestors gathered in the street. After publication, Bachman’s photo gained viral fame across the Internet, with many other journalists dubbing the shot a...
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20 Apr

Gear You Need To Survive Coachella

I've been to Coachella four years in a row and just returned from Weekend 1 of 2. With Weekend 2 coming up quick, I'm here to help make sure you have the gear you need to preserve your upcoming time of your life! Coachella has always relied heavily on spectacle, but this year they've outdone themselves. For the first time, the art has been commissioned solely for Coachella instead of being reused from another festival - and it's bigger than ever. Additionally, Coachella's stages have received significant upgrades. Specifically, the main stage (officially the Coachella Stage) now has wraparound, giant screens and the Sahara tent (which mainly hosts EDM acts) has dozens of LED-powered cubes positively packed with lights. Here's...
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8 Apr

A Tough Look at Life Hack Culture

Over the past ten years, life hacking has become one of the core topical areas of the Internet. We've become a society obsessed with trimming excess expenditures of effort and time from our daily lives, and articles on how to keep your cables organized with paper clips or how to turn chip bags into serving bowls have profited from this obsession. But what does all of this life hacking really get us? Have we become better people for it? To find out, we need to go back to the central goals of life hacking. According to Derek Clapham, of, a life hack is "a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one's time and daily activities in a more efficient...
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22 Mar

AI Being Used to Predict Voting Behavior of Supreme Court Justices

Supreme Court decisions
With the recent passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, a vacancy has opened up on the Supreme Court in the middle of an election cycle that could have drastic ramifications on the ideological makeup and leaning of the highest court in the country. Controversy is swirling as many Republicans are crying afoul over outgoing President Obama being able to appoint a new justice (who has already appointed two justices during his tenure as president). Their argument is that the "lame duck" president (though technically, having been elected through November 2016, he's not a lame duck until the period of time following this year's election before the winner assumes office in January) is on his way out, and should not be able to...
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15 Feb

Get a Front Row Seat at Stockholm’s Fashion Week with Virtual Reality Robots

To score a prime spot at fashion shows during Fashion Week, you’ve either got to be in the industry, an illustrious fashion icon, a model in the show or just straight up know the right people. This makes fashion very exclusive to most people, not only a world that can’t be penetrated by the average Joe, but an industry that showcases fashion at these premier events that most people can’t afford, or would even look good in if they’re not a size -6. Stockholm’s Fashion Week is looking to change all of this and bring the eyes and voice of the people into this year’s proceedings. Designer Ida Klamborn will be using a virtual reality robot to broadcast her show to...
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