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An unlikely company has decided to hop the bandwagon and enter the 360-degree camera market. Unveiling their latest camera model, the EX-FR200, Casio has created and debuted a 360-degree camera that boasts one unique and quite interesting function – the ability to be broken apart and built back together in four separate ways. As a rugged adventure camera, the EX-FR200 comes equipped with a 13.4mm equivalent fisheye lens and an LCD-screen sensor unit that will detach from the camera’s body in order to be reattached to different variations of the camera, or used on its own.

Casio’s camera can be broken up and assembled in a variety of different ways to help you capture all different types of shots and photography. If you’re looking to pull of some stunning, expansive panoramic footage, flip the LCD-screen sensor down. For the best selfies, flip the same sensor up. Casio’s latest even lets you attach additional lenses from their FR100 and FR200 camera models in order to enable shooting of omni-directional 360-degree video footage. The camera will record video in 4K at 30fps and transmit it to your smartphone or other devices thanks to built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

As a tough adventure cam, Casio’s EX-FR200 can stand up to some pretty harsh conditions. The camera is dust proof, freeze proof up to -10 degrees Celsius, drop proof from up to four feet and IPX6 waterproof. Any sort of abuse this camera might encounter, it should be able to bounce back from it with relative ease. With only 29 minutes of battery life, Casio’s EX-FR200 isn’t the best camera for long-lasting or extensive shoots – the camera only comes equipped with a limited amount of internal storage space and only accommodates SD cards up to 16GB. Still, with its 360-degree video capability and unique, Transformers-esque design that lets you manipulate the camera into a form to capture the best possible image, Casio might have the beginnings of a winner on its hands.

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