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Photographers know the burden of carrying around large amounts of heavy equipment. Between cameras, lenses, carrying bags, tripods and other accessories, it can get quite exhausting hauling all the necessary gear one needs to get that perfect shot. Thankfully, here’s one amazing little accessory that is not only extremely useful, but won’t throw out your back. Introducing CASE Remote Air – the world’s smallest and most powerful wireless camera remote controller.

Granting users the ability to control their DSLR camera from either their phones or tablet devices, CASE Remote Air was crafted by CheeringTech, a Chinese company that is adept in the manufacturing of wireless remote controls for cameras. CASE Remote Air connects to your camera through a USB cord, creating a Wi-Fi hotspot that allows users to connect to their handheld devices or computers. When connected, photographers have a wealth of functionality at their disposal including the ability to control video and change exposure parameters, a live view feature, time-lapse shooting, focus stacking and bracketing for HRD.

Best of all, this tiny device is so compact, you won’t feel guilty about adding onto your significant arsenal of gear. Weighing a feathery 50 grams, CASE Remote Air is no bigger than a standard credit card. Compatible with most Canon and Nikon cameras, CASE Remote Air is flying out of stock thanks to a wildly successful Indiegogo campaign that’s seen it reach 660% of funding with a couple weeks still remaining in the campaign. At just $84, photographers would be wise to consider adding CASE Remote Air to their photography utility belts.

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