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By now, if you haven’t seen or received a photo of someone puking a rainbow or transforming into a demon, you’re a rare (blessed?) individual who doesn’t have Snapchat, or any friends who associate with the photo vanishing social media app. The latest Snapchat update introduced lenses, which warp and animate your selfie game so that you look like a living, breathing cartoon.


While Snapchat’s filter game remains absurdly barren in an Instagram saturated world, the app seems to be going all out with these lenses. A new lense will rotate in everyday, replacing an older one, presumably as long as Snapchat’s developers can whip up these literally eye-popping, outlandish lenses. (Don’t worry, there’s a lot of Manga out there for them to draw inspiration from).

Not quite sure where to begin with all this madness? Let’s break down some of the new lenses by showing you just what kind of foolish f*ckery you’ll be eliciting.

Puking Rainbows Lens


Purge your colorful heart out by becoming the rainbow puking gnome from Disney Channel’s “Gravity Falls.”

Aging Lens


Benjamin Button yourself with this horrifying wrinkling lens, complete with monocle.

Magazine Cover Lens


Become an easy, breezy, beautiful cover girl (or boy!) with this lens. Who me…throw shade and spill tea? Never.

Bulging Heart Eyes Lens


Transform yourself into your favorite lovestruck cartoon character and show your crush how you really feel.

Crybaby Lens


Cry Justin Timberlake a river, or better yet, go chase waterfalls with TLC.

Slap Lens


Relive all the onomatopoeia glory of the Adam West ‘60s Batman show and pretend you’re a villain getting socked by Batman with this banging lens.

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