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Is it a camera? Is it a wearable? Better – it’s both! It’s Blincam, a wearable, clip-on camera that attaches to any pair of glasses and enables you to take and capture photos with a blink or wink of an eye. That’s right, all the childhood torture and repressed trauma of being called “four eyes” will now be blissfully reversed thanks to Blincam because you’ll have the ability to take photos by simply blinking your freaking eye! Take that, playground bullies! Dubbed as “the world’s smallest and quickest camera,” Blincam may or may not match that lofty title, but it sure as hell sounds pretty cool.

Blincam is still in the development phase, so finalized specs and a full list of features are unavailable at this time. However, what we do know is enough to get anybody excited. This hands-free, standalone camera is Bluetooth compatible to your phone or tablet and is expected to ship sometime in early 2017 with a price tag of $185. With patent pending eye movement sensors, Blincam can differentiate between normal and strong blinking, ensuring that your intended photo-capturing blinks or winks are the only ones that will prompt the camera into action. Those interested should head over to the crowdfunding site Makuake now – the campaign has already raised 1000% of its funding. Blink and you might just miss Blincam.

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