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It’s good news for Canon DSLR fans! Announced just recently, Canon has now developed a CMOS sensor with a global shutter, which could mean the beginning of the end for future Canon DSLRs that don’t feel the brunt of the “rolling shutter” effect. To further expound upon just what this means, CMOS sensors capture images line-by-line so that when shooting high speed or fast moving objects, curved distortions are inevitable considering the subject is in motion. Currently, these types of censors dominate the camera industry since they’re less expensive alternatives to CCD sensors, but the one major upside of CCD sensors has always been their global shutter that captures all pixels at one time and eliminates distortion.

This new sensor is also equipped with a readout system and pixel structure that aims to reduce noise for overall clearer, crisper images. This is a major step for Canon, as now they’re braced to better compete with Sony and Panasonic, both of which announced CMOS sensors with global shutters in the last two years. Canon is still in the exploration and measurement stages of just how the applications for this sensor will work, so there’s no official date as to when it will be used in consumer cameras. Until then, you can rent and enjoy the Canon EOS 5DS and the Canon 5D Mark III from Lumoid!

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