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If you’ve ever wanted to be like Ellen Page’s character in Inception, the architect of dream worlds who physically made Paris fold in on itself, well, sorry to burst your bubble, but that tech doesn’t exist…yet! However, you can essentially do the next best thing in virtual reality thanks to Epic’s Unreal Engine. Announcing a VR component to their Unreal Editor that will enable VR users, developers and animators to create and explore their own environments using the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, Epic is taking virtual reality two steps further and making the experience not only immersive, but malleable as well. Creation never seemed so cool!

The VR Unreal Editor will allow game developers and designers to actually walk around a physical space while exploring the environments they’ve created. They’ll be able to do everything from inspect and manipulate objects using hand motions, change the environment’s size and scale to view it more broadly or detailed and even teleport across vast distances in their world with just the point of a controller. More complex actions can be completed through a handheld interface, ensuring that every available feature of the Unreal Editor can be performed inside of a VR experience.

Because things don’t translate well from flat screens (where most VR games are created on PCs) into VR, the concept and ability to actually create games for VR inside of virtual reality itself is a much more natural and efficient approach. This method will not only ensure the worlds are more to scale, but will enable more sophisticated actions to take place inside of a VR experience. The goal for the Unreal Editor upgrade is to give people the power to create 3D environments that can be viewed or played on any platform that supports the Unreal Engine, rather or not the environment will actually be experienced in VR. After all, what sounds more appealing – pointing and clicking on a computer to create something, or immersing yourself into a virtual factory where your motions are controlling and creating?

Fans of Epic’s games such as Bullet Train can expect new features to debut in the coming months under their new VR-enabled editor, with a demo expected to appear at March’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. As for a street date for the VR Unreal Editor, Epic fans should really keep their eyes peeled at the Game Developers Conference – a release date will be the hot announcement during a March 16th presentation. Who knows, Epic just might hold a press conference for their new and improved Unreal Editor in virtual reality to show off their newfound VR capabilities. That would certainly give people something to talk about!

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