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Millennials have grown up with technology in their hands. Older generations, however, have been slower to adapt to the rapid pace of technology, often asking millennials questions with very obvious answers regarding technology. Having to explain obvious tech-related things to your parents over and over in the era of the Internet sometimes feels like an exercise in futility. In the immortal words of Will Smith, parents just don’t understand.

Thankfully, Mummo seeks to bridge that generation gap by letting you text someone to help your computer illiterate parents with technology. Mummo responds to each text to get a name and a postcode for each customer, and then finds a local helper to solve the problem. The service debuted at the Disrupt London Hackathon. Anyone who registers for the service can help tech-confused parents navigate some of the simpler tech issues.

“We find that older people are worried about clicking and playing around with gadgets,” said founder Heidi Kähkonen. “We allow anyone who has a basic understanding of tech and some free time to register to be a helper on Mummo,” she added, which means Mummo will become a community-based effort to help bring everyone up to speed on technology.

How does Mummo work? After someone texts them with a tech problem, the helper initiates a phone call with the customer to try to solve it remotely. If it requires an on-site visit, the helper can initiate a house call and visit the client directly. The client can choose to pay anything between £1 to £10 ($1.60-$16) for a phone call, while house calls run between £10 to £30 ($16-$48). The app is so new that it doesn’t have a domain page yet, but it has established a presence on Twitter. Although it probably isn’t the app tech-challenged parents wanted, it’s probably the one they need (and the one I need so I don’t get bogged down by tech questions with obvious answers).

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