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In terms of viewership and popularity, it’s no secret that the world of professional boxing has taken quite a beating for some time now. However, after the May 2nd Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight, boxing has a chance at regaining its foothold in the sports world again.

And with alternative boxing matches such as Big Knockout Boxing (BKB) where boxers enter a small circular pit (instead of a ring) with no ropes and rounds are two minutes long instead of the traditional three, there is even a greater chance of professional boxing regaining it’s glory days.

However, BKB also recognized that in order to attract a new generation of viewers to the sport, they needed to endorse products their audience will want and their BKB boxers will wear to interact with fans in real time. Enter BKB’s new product endorsement as of February 2015: StrikeTec wearable sensors.

According to SportTechie, an online sports magazine:

“BKB” has already endorsed the “Striketec” sensors and hopefully the product gains enough momentum so that professional boxing will use it in the near future. Fans are always looking for the most interactive experience, and the function of these products definitely brings that about. These types of innovations certainly appeal to a younger audience, which is what the sport has always been lacking.”

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What Is StrikeTec?

Created by Wes Elliott (Founder/CEO of EFD Sports), StrikeTec is the latest in wearable fitness technology, measuring pounds of force and speed on every punch thrown in real time. The device is placed in the wrist of the boxer’s gloves (around18mm in length, 7mm in height) and will track multiple punch stats including:

The sensors will collect and transmit the information to the StrikeTec Boxing Training App via Bluetooth and then to your mobile devices and computer in a real-time display.

StrikeTec not only helps maximize your workout, but you can also use the fitness wearable to score ultimate bragging rights by posting your hard-earned workout results on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The data is tracked live and synced to a cloud server, where it is stored for future review.

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Boxers, MMA athletes, Kickboxers, Fitness Fanatics, and coaches of every different skill level can use this wearable because StrikeTec specializes in movement tracking and recognizes every movement your hands make while training.

StrikeTec Founder Wes Elliott adds, “We are about to bring the world of boxing into the 21st century with new data that will heighten fan engagement to never before seen levels.”

StrikeTec’s Main Event

For the first time on April 4, 2015, StrikeTec sensor technology was introduced at the Rosado vs Stevens BKB middleweight fight in Las Vegas. EFD Sports and Direct TV “sensored up” the respective fighters and gave the audience and cable viewers real-time results of the some of the hardest punches thrown during the event.

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To sum up the use of StrikeTec during this broadcast as well as in the sport of boxing, former heavyweight champion, Evander Holyfield (event’s commentator) stated,

“I actually think the technology will add a lot [to boxing],” Holyfield says. “People are much smarter spectators now. They want more information, and the hit chips will give it to them. They’ll know if a guy takes a hard hit and tries to hide or if he takes a tap and starts running. I can tell that by looking, because of my experience. But now everyone will know, ‘You got tapped and you ran. And that’s not right.”

When a world famous boxing champion like Holyfield says your product adds a lot to boxing – you just nod and say, “Yes.” Sounds like the future of StrikeTec will result in nothing but Title Belts, scientifically speaking.


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