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Ah, New Year’s Eve. What a beautiful celebration of life. What a time to resolve past mistakes and move on from extraneous worries. What a time to look forward to the future with naïve optimism. And what a time to get obnoxiously hammered. The unsung heroes of New Year’s Eve are undoubtedly the bartenders, bouncers, coat checkers and other employees at bars and clubs across the world who remain sober and responsive as hoards of drunken patrons flood in to ring in a new year as blackout drunks.

Well, one bouncer in Ontario decided to get some hard evidence on just what it’s like to be the sober fish in an inebriated sea on New Year’s Eve. Strapping a GoPro camera to his chest, Peter Williams captured footage (seen below) of all the drunk fools trying to get into a bar in London, Ontario. The footage captures a mélange of drunken people, from the “go home, you’re drunk” belligerent asshats to the giggly jesters to every kind of drunk under the sun in between. For nine full minutes, Williams captures a hilariously uncomfortable look at just what alcohol turns us into, and just how much of a struggle it is to deal with that sober.

This footage is just the latest example of how effective GoPro has proven in the world of video photography, with minimal effort required to essentially create a short film detailing the drunken douchebaggery that tends to define New Year’s. Though if I’m one of those people captured on video just trying to get into a club and have a good time on New Year’s, I’m not quite sure how ethical it is recording people under the influence and violating their right to privacy by uploading the footage onto YouTube. Then again, you are out in public, so maybe you should try to get your shit together and be nice to people. Happy 2016 everyone!

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