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Looking for a little extra “oomph” from those Apple headphones, or other wired varieties? Look no further than the BoomStick, a small, attachable dongle that acts as a middleman connector between headphones and phone jack to enhance the sound and audio using algorithms. Created by BoomCloud 360, the BoomStick is a perfect solution for anyone looking to get better sound and audio quality out of their wired headphones without dropping a small mint’s worth of dough on a pair of high-quality headphones.

With a price tag of $99, the BoomStick is a much cheaper and affordable option than outright buying a pair of high-quality headphones, aimed at the consumer stuck between wanting great sound quality, but being on a budget. It’s small size and frame is also a boon for those who simply don’t feel like lugging around a bulky pair of headphones, and who enjoy the lightweight ease of wired headphones. Whether you’re listening to music, podcasts or watching videos, the BoomStick will enhance the quality with a press of its button thanks to its internal processor and fancy algorithms. With a battery life of 14 hours and the ability to charge it via microUSB, the BoomStick packs quite a punch and lasts a good chunk of time.

BoomStick audio

BoomStick just doesn’t bring the boom when it comes to punching up the volume or bass of the sound you’re listening to; it also cleans it up and augments it, making it crisper and letting you hear more details that you wouldn’t probably detect before. The algorithms written for the BoomStick are the result of years of work and research conducted by Alan Kraemer, CTO of BoomStick, who previously worked for SRS Labs, an audio company responsible for tech used by LG and Samsung.

Because the BoomStick is compatible with pretty much any headphone on the market and doesn’t discriminate when it comes to the type of audio it enhances, it’s a quick fix for those wanting better sound quality in a pinch at an affordable cost. For those of you who are very much of the mindset of putting one’s money where their mouth is, you can head over to BoomStick’s website to get a simulation of how the sound enhancement works by picking from a collection of songs and toggling between regular quality and a digital version of the BoomStick’s algorithm to hear the differences for yourself. Go ahead, add a little boom to your life!

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