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Lumoid is partnering with Blue Sky Rental Studios to offer rental space for our San Francisco,CA customers (and beyond.) They’re introducing the space by offering a special $100 promotion for high quality headshots + portraits. Walk away with amazing photos taken with their state of the art LightGrid. Then come back and learn how to use it yourself ;).


About the Studios:

Blue Sky Rental Studios offers rental space for your next big photo shoot or event. Choose the 2,600 sq. ft. daylight studio, or the 300 sq. ft. LightGrid studio.




About the LightGrid:

The Blue Sky LightGrid is the first fully robotic, patented technology that captures still photography and live video in a single, fully integrated space, saving an average of 75% over typical production costs. It simplifies the time-consuming process of setting up lights for video and still production. Why spend time getting ready to get to work when you can get to work right away?

The LightGrid automates the grunt work involved in setting up lights, while still allowing your team complete creative control. By automating the lighting process, LightGrid allows you to work more efficiently, effortlessly explore your creativity, and finish your job quicker and with less hassle.

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