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Smartphone photography is about to get a whole lot more reputable thanks to BLIPS, tiny, portable micro and macro lenses that attach to smartphone cameras and drastically enhance the footage one can capture with their phone. That’s right, these lenses fit right over a smartphone’s camera and elevate smartphone photography from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Dubbed the world’s thinnest set of microscope lenses for smartphones and tablets, BLIPS were specifically engineered to work with and accommodate these devices to offer advanced capabilities in the realm of smartphone photography.

These thin, reusable lenses are perfect for anyone who wants to up their smartphone photography. Their extremely small size makes them extra portable, and a carrying case ensures you won’t lose the lenses – and is small enough to fit right inside your pocket. The Micro lens was designed for scientific examination and usage in mind, offering extremely high levels of magnification that essentially transforms your smartphone’s camera into a makeshift microscope. Able to detect details of up to 1/7000 of an inch, the Micro lens can view microorganisms and even distinguish between single cells. A distance of ¼ inch between the lens and subject is recommended, and a digital zoom feature makes magnification of more than 100x possible.


Meanwhile, the Macro lens is perfect for on-the-go photographers who have been craving macro capabilities from their smartphone photos. This lens is 0.5mm thin, and can achieve magnification levels of up to 10x. It works like a high quality laser pointer, focusing and honing in on the subject to achieve greater zooming features without sacrificing detail or clarity. How much magnification you can get out of both lenses ultimately comes down to the phone and its camera capabilities, but BLIPS is far and away the best option in improving the quality of zoomed in photos a phone can take.

Perhaps best of all, these tiny lenses are super affordable. A Kickstarter page that has already surpassed its funding goal lists a Basic Kit, including both micro and macro lenses along with the carrying case, at a mere $23. For you scientists out there who want to see just how crisp the micro lens is, the Lab Kit comes with a selection of microscope slides and a lit platform to stage them on for viewing purposes. That kit will run you $46, or you can spring for both and pay just $57. BLIPS may be small, but they pack a powerful punch!

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