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Alan Gibbs, the creator of Biski, likes to combine things. He probably eats breakfast while taking a shower, and likes to talk on the phone while watching TV. These assumptions are based on the inventor’s drive to create amphibious vehicles – a seamless hybrid of land and water transportation machines.

The Amphibious Minotaur

The Biski is a cross between a motorcycle and a jet ski. On land, it functions like a normal two-wheeler. You can take it around town, pop small wheelies and hit steep ramps. Reaching top speeds of 80 mph on the road, you’ll zip by lonely bike riders, leaving them in a whirlwind of dust. Under the hood, the pod is packing a two-cylinder petrol engine that runs on gas with a 20L fuel capacity.

When it’s time to ride over water, you’ll have to switch driving modes. This is when the real fun begins. Flipping a switch located in the dashboard activates the jet ski features, instantly converting it into a floating pod. There is no need to wait on the side for the parts to fold in and out. You literally drive into the water and it kicks in automatically.


Prepare to Get Wet

When the pod hits the water, you will get your legs and feet wet. If you’re looking to make a grand entrance to a formal event (like a lakeside wedding) this may not be the vehicle to use. But for barbeque cookouts and outdoor gatherings, the Biski could easily be the life of the party.

Aqua cruising speeds are maxed at 37 mph. That’s enough to pull a banana boat or inner tube around and make the person sitting in it sick. When you’re done playing in the water, a flip back to motorcycle mode will help you engage the upward slope with confidence. The transition is very fast and if you’re not careful, you could face plant forward on the bank (don’t forget to wear a helmet). A few laps on the road should dry your pants and shoes from the watery ride.

For non-motorcycle riders, Gibbs also offers other types amphibious machines, such as the Phibian “amphitruck” and the Aquada sports car, which can hit speeds up to 100 mph.


Availability Information

The Biski is currently in the final phases of production. Gibbs previewed the vehicle recently in Florida during the American International Motorcycle expo. If you absolutely need one now, the Quadski line, which also features amphibious riding features, is available for purchase (pricing starts at $59,000 per unit, without add-ons). Designed for beach rescue operations, the patrol pods are turning heads at coastal regions worldwide.

“Seeing the Quadski perform its first actual rescue mission clearly demonstrated its value as an asset for the surf and beach-front life-saving community,” said Tom Gill, deputy chief of the Virginia Beach Life Saving Service. “Our first impression of the Quadski definitely has been a good one.”

Even if you’re not a lifeguard, the Quadski can still offer hours of fun and support during outdoor camping trips and lakeside parties. Who says there has to be a choice between conquering land and sea?

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