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In recent years, wearable technology has become one of the most widely discussed topics. Wearables have plenty of applications, from athletic performance to monitoring biometrics, bringing technology and the human body even closer together. But now, one company has decided to bring tech literally under one’s skin.

“We get to do a lot of cool stuff at Chaotic Moon but with this we think there’s military applications for it, health applications for it and there are all kinds of opportunities around it,” said Ben Lamm, CEO of Chaotic Moon, the company behind Tech Tatts, which will combine technology with tattoos. Chaotic Moon dubs these tattoos as “biowearables.” While the applications could be the same as current wearables, these biowearbles are seeking to be less intrusive than other wearables on the market.

Some applications that have been discussed so far are the detection of airborne poisons, pathogens and indicators of stress or injury. However, Tech Tatts, being directly attached to the skin could possibly dig deeper into what is going on inside your body. “This is not something that can be easily removed like a Fitbit [bracelet fitness tracker]. It can be underneath a flack jacket, directly on the skin to be collecting this data and being reported back.”

These tattoos are made of electric paint that can be washed off like a temporary tattoo so one doesn’t have to undergo expensive tattoo removal procedures. It is seen as a cheap alternative to any implants, and would not need electricity like current wearables use. “For us, we’re trying to start a conversation around ‘Hey, you’ve already had these types of data collection components on your body.’ A lot of times they are big, they are bulky and they can be limiting. Now we’re looking at changing and evolving with these other types of conductive ink.”

Chaotic Moon intends to make these wearables last—according to a 2014 survey, about half of consumers stop using wearables, with a third of those using them for only six months. “This is really going beyond what the fitness tracker is,” said Eric Schneider, creative technologist for hardware at Chaotic Moon. “We’re right now looking into the medical field specifically, because there’s a lot of monitoring devices that take up a lot of room and space.”

The company also suggested that these biowearables can circumvent trips to the doctor because the biometric data could be monitored remotely. “Rather than going to the doctor once a year for a physical, this tech tattoo can be something that you just put on your body once a year, and it monitors everything they would do in a physical and sends that to your doctor, and if there’s an issue they could call you.”

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