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Consumer wearables are evolving at a pretty impressive rate, but research mandated wearables are where the real innovation is. Case in point – leading health researchers and medical professionals have a Band-Aid like device in their treatment arsenal that is revolutionizing how to obtain information about the human body. The medical wearable in question is the MC10 BioStampRC (BioStamp for short), a waterproof, bandage-esque wearable sticker that contains highly sophisticated sensors that provide real-time updates about a person’s vital signs.

Currently, the BioStamp is only available in the research community (the “RC” in its mouthful of a title stands for “research connect”) after years of testing and development yielded one of the most effective and unobtrusive medical sensors ever created. As a device that is simply worn on one’s skin like a bandage, the BioStamp is able to capture and relay vital signs and medical data about the human body with research level precision, without all the poking and prodding that can make patients feel like lab rats.

Equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope that track movement, as well as high-tech sensors that monitor heart activity and musculature, BioStamp is essentially a one stop shop when it comes to the integral vital signs that must be recorded for every patient. In terms of size, the wearable is about the size of a business card, perfect for slapping it on a person’s arm. BioStamp is also fitted with a 15mAh battery that allows it to run for 36 hours without recharging, and a Bluetooth radio because what device doesn’t have Bluetooth compatibility these days? The Bluetooth is used to transfer the data BioStamp gathers to doctors and researchers, giving them a comprehensive and detailed account of a patient’s health on their computers, tablets or smartphones any time, any place.

A wearable and non-invasive medical sensor can give doctors and health professionals a better idea of a given person’s health on a regular basis, beyond how healthy they are or what their vitals are when they come in for treatment or yearly check-ups. By wearing a sensor that can track and transmit medical data about one’s body instantaneously, BioStamp could not only erase the need for those yearly physicals, but could allow doctors to detect when something might be amiss before the person has the insight to know if something is wrong. In fact, research shows that sensors like BioStamp can reduce trips to the doctor, decrease ER visits and just keep people healthier in general.

With access to regular medical data, doctors can adjust treatments accordingly and keep a better eye on a person’s health, all without any face-to-face meetings. This means that we’re no longer beholden to guessing when something might be medically wrong or eschewing those yearly physicals because we feel fine and don’t want to bother with it. It’s the personalization of healthcare, essentially, all powered with nothing more than a wearable sticker that can track all of your vitals. Welcome to the future, indeed.

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