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If you’d like to get fit, then you should put a ring on it. BioRing is a new wearable fitness tracker that offers one important feature that many other fitness trackers available today simply eschew: food tracking. Sure, it’s great to be able to wear a device that tracks your steps, heart rate and distance, but none of that is enough to help us get and stay fit if we continue to shove food down our throats like bears preparing to hibernate. As a wearable nutrition coach, BioRing is setting out to not simply monitor how many calories you burn through working out, but your daily caloric intake.

Equipped with a bio-impedance sensor, optical heart rate sensor and 3-axis accelerometer, BioRing will still track all of the data and metrics a typical fitness tracker like the Fitbit will, directly from your finger. This data can by synced to a companion app and combined with an algorithm to provide a more in-depth window into fitness metrics. However, the selling point of the BioRing is monitoring a wearer’s caloric intake, which the wearable’s creators posit is a more important metric than how many calories one burns when users are attempting to shave off some lbs.


The bio-impedance sensor built into the BioRing measures fluid changes in a wearer’s cells, which gives the device insight into a person’s water intake and glucose levels. This data is integrated into BioRing’s algorithm to provide a macronutrient breakdown of what food you ingest. Additionally, data on protein and fat intake gives wearers a deeper insight into the food they are eating, allowing them to better monitor and uphold any diet they’re trying to follow. The BioRing also provides data on stress and water levels, so it’s a perfect device to help you stay hydrated when you’re working out.

Currently, the BioRing is still in the prototype phase, though there’s already an Indiegogo campaign page that’s well over its funding goal. For those who may be on the fence about BioRing as a fitness tracker comparable to other leading brands, the wearable also supports notifications when wirelessly synced to an app on your phone and provides personalized fitness and nutrition recommendations without you having to shell out money to get an expert’s opinion. If you’re looking to get coached into better health and fitness with the help of some bling, you can pledge $189 for BioRing and expect it to be shipped in November.

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