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Drones were everywhere this past year, so much so that many have marked 2015 as the “Dawn of the Drone Age.” If you had any doubts about these mini UAVs, the ushering in of an era of drones should put one thing to rest: drones aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Well, except into the hands of millions of more consumers worldwide. But what were the best drone moments of 2015?

With so many advancements in the technology powering drones and their use in our modern world, it seemed like a no-brainer to put together a list of the best, coolest moments that took place in the drone industry this year and answer that aforementioned lingering question. And there were a lot of moments to choose from. Below is our list of the best drone moments of 2015.

Drones Are Filming Movies

Drones filming movies - Best Drone Moments of 2015

The applications of drones are seemingly endless, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the way drones are revolutionizing the film industry. They’ve not only lowered the costs of capturing aerial shots, but they make it possible to film movies that are on much smaller budgets than your typical Hollywood blockbuster. There was even a film festival that solely featured films shot with drones!

Drones Have Construction Applications

Drones build rope bridge - Best Drone Moments of 2015

Researchers have successfully used drones to deploy a rope bridge strong enough to support a human’s weight. This could be groundbreaking in the construction of skyscrapers, not to mention a much safer method of construction.

The Rise of the Dronie

Taking dronies - Best Drone Moments of 2015

Selfies are so 2014. 2015 was all about dronies and the amazing aerial shots you can take using drone photography to truly maximize your self-photography game. Making the ubiquitous selfie seem outdated definitely qualifies dronies as one of the best drone moments of 2015.

Google Tests Delivery Drones

Goggle's Project Wing tests delivery drones - Best Drone Moments of 2015

Dubbed Project Wing, Google began to test their own fleet of delivery drones in 2015. The tech giant hopes to use delivery drones for emergency rescue situations, like airdropping and delivering medical supplies and food for relief missions.

GoPro Enters the Drone Space

GoPro's prototype drone - Best Drone Moments of 2015

Leave it to GoPro to completely take the drone world by storm with a prototype drone of theirs that won’t even be available until 2016. Still, with the amazingly crisp footage their prototype drone was able to capture, it’s no wonder people are eagerly anticipating GoPro’s first drone.

Trident’s Underwater Drone

Trident underwater drone - Best Drone Moments of 2015

We all know drones can do some pretty amazing things in the air. But what about underwater? Enter Trident, an underwater drone that hopes to better explore the depths of our oceans.

A Drone That Can Carry a Person

Snowstorm drone - Best Drone Moments of 2015

Drones are meant to be small devices, but that didn’t stop a team from the University of Singapore from developing Snowstorm, a drone large enough to accommodate a human passenger. That’s right, this is the first drone that lets a person hop aboard and take flight!

DJI Opens Flagship Drone Store

DJI drone store - Best Drone Moments of 2015

As a cherry on top of the drone’s huge 2015, leading drone maker DJI opened their first flagship drone store in China. Expect to be buying and seeing drones for many years to come! These best drone moments of 2015 were so noteworthy; it’s exciting to think what could actually top them in 2016.

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