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Brand spanking new on the drone scene is the latest and greatest from DJI: the Mavic Pro. Boasting improved portability and power, this foldable drone can be manipulated down to the size of a water bottle and just as easily be unfolded and take flight in under a minute flat. Let’s get into the details, shall we?

Not only do the arms and propellers fold nice and neat for fantastic on-the-go capabilities, DJI’s Mavic Pro also incorporates a 4k front camera, a 4.3 mile distance range, visual navigation system and a 27-minute flight time. For long-range use, the Mavic Pro can be operated with a remote controller, but if you’re not looking to fly it great distances, you can utilize your smart phone to control it.

A FlightAutonomy system using five cameras, two ultrasonic rangefinders, GLONASS navigation and GPS and 24 computing cores act as the brain of the drone, allowing advanced flight navigation while avoiding obstacles at speeds of up to 22mph. Taking it a step further, the Mavic Pro can also be controlled with your body’s movements, so nailing difficult overhead shots (selfies, anyone?) are much easier.

Another great feature of this drone is its array of flight modes. Sport Mode lets you fly through the skies at speeds up to 40mph. ActiveTrack Mode instructs the drone to keep the camera on a particular subject (such as a person or animal) while you keep your own focus on flying. Terrain Follow Mode positions the drone to track a subject at a maintained height between one and 33 feet. Should your drone battery levels start getting too low or you ever lose contact with it, the Mavic Pro returns to its original launch point automatically.


The 12-megapixel, 4K autofocus camera enables flyers to capture some great quality images. It has a minimum focusing distance of 19 inches, 90-degree portrait mode and DNG RAW shooting capabilities. This system also features DJI’s smallest ever 3-axis stabilization gimbal. To add to this new compactness, there is also a new and smaller remote control equipped with an LCD screen, OcuSync video linking with 1080p live view and dedicated buttons for your convenience.

If a truly immersive drone flying experience is what you’re looking for, DJI has also announced DJI Goggles, which pair seamlessly with the Mavic Pro. These goggles will allow you to see an 85-degree 1080p view of the world right through the lens of the drone’s high-tech camera.

Available beginning October 15th, the DJI Mavic Pro has a price tag of $749 for just the drone or $999 with the remote controller bundled in. Sign up for the waitlist to get the Mavic Pro as soon as it arrives. And int he meantime, try out the DJI Inspire 1 and DJI Phantom 4 from Lumoid!

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