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To say that Pokémon GO became an unexpected phenomenon is a bit of an understatement. It is, however, a testament to two things: the power of nostalgia and the technologic evolution of gaming and augmented reality. After a monstrous big bang of a launch, the craze surrounding Pokémon GO has died down a bit and the public and player fascination has waned, mostly due to a lack of updates. Makers Niantic Labs are trying to reignite the Poké craze, and while upgrades to the app itself don’t appear to be on the horizon much to the chagrin of players, the game is getting even techier if it’s possible. Trainers, meet the Pokémon GO Plus wearable!

Starting September 16, Pokémon GO players can purchase Bluetooth-enabled Pokémon GO Plus wearables for just $35. The device will vibrate any time you’re approaching a pokéstop (areas where you can find/do battle with your Pokémon) or you’re near a wild Pokémon. Built as a hardware extension of the game, Pokémon GO Plus wearables will give you a decided advantage over others in your quest to catch them all. The wearable can be worn on one’s wrist, or clipped to their person – a nice touch of accessorizing, all things considered. If anything, the Pokémon GO Plus wearable just goes to show the growing prevalence of wearables in our everyday society.

With news that Pokémon GO is headed to the Apple Watch, now is the perfect time to rent the smartwatch from Lumoid to help assist you on your Pokémon journey. Try it in Steel or Sport today!

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