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Nothing can replace the power of the sun. If you live in a region that receives plenty of natural UV rays and want to use that light creatively, check out the Lucy solar mirror.

Unique Lighting Solution

“Lucy was created to bring natural light into your home. She’s the ultimate stylish green tech robot powered by photovoltaic (solar) cells built into her metal frame. Looking more like a modern Danish table lamp, Lucy is a robotic mirror that follows the sun and reflects that light throughout your home,” mentioned Jennifer Hicks from Forbes.

“Solenica didn’t complicate Lucy with manuals and a multitude of options, just point the robot at the sun and she does the rest.”

Under optimal conditions, the device distributes a maximum of 7,000 lumens, which is equivalent to 650 candles. A room that measures 250 square feet normally requires 5,000 lumens or three 100-watt bulbs. Based on these figures, the unit should be able to offer ample lighting for a 15’x15’ room.

Lucy can blend in with most modern home accessories and layouts. The sleek, sphere-shaped design resembles a lamp. Because it doesn’t rely on an external power source, you could easily move it around and even bring it with you to work. As you’re about to find out, installing the solar light does not require much effort.


How Does It Work?

The first and most crucial step in getting the most out of the device is finding a strong light source. Ideally, you want a spot that receives continuous sunlight exposure, like next to a window or on a porch. After deciding on a strategic harvesting location, simply set where you want to point the natural light. You could direct it towards a dark room or an area with thriving plants.

Algorithms built into the solar mirror move with the sun, ensuring your room is always receiving light throughout the day. Unlike a magnifying glass, the compact machine actually spreads light out in the concentrated area. This means you don’t have to worry about setting your wall on fire, though you may want to avoid pointing the light at televisions and other electronic appliances.

A smartphone app that comes with the device helps individuals monitor their usage. The developers plan to add a range of insightful features, such as Brightness Index and personal carbon footprint.

According to Diva Tommei, CEO of Solenica, the apparatus was originally designed to counter the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder:

“Lucy was born as a way to treat her own Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it completely changed her life. From there, she realized two important things: 1) a large part of the world’s population also experiences a variety of health issues due to a lack of sunlight in their homes, and 2) the creation of Lucy meant there was something she could do to help overcome it.”


Purchasing Information

Early adopters can get their hands on the device from the official website for $199. Originally priced at $300, the limited edition discount offers a timely opportunity for people who are looking for new ways to harness sunlight.

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