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The frenetic fascination with lists isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, listicles have become such a pervasive and sought after format on the Internet that an app has finally been created solely dedicated to the list. While it’s a bit surprising that such an app didn’t exist already due to the list’s immense popularity, we all have “The Office” star and writer, B.J. Novak, to thank for our new obsession: The List App.

Novak, along with Dev Flaherty, are appealing to the hyper-organized structure seekers in us all with The List App, which promises that it will allow users to explore and create lists on anything their heart desires. Got a list of the best Thanksgiving recipes? Need to list all the reasons people should watch American Horror Story? Wanna finally put to rest once and for all the top 10 best songs Beyoncé has ever recorded? The List App is your glorious canvas.

Making a list is quite simple and seamless. The app is laid out similarly to Twitter, so users familiar with that platform should have no problem conquering the world of lists. A plus icon allows you to start crafting your very important list where you’ll create a title, add a short intro description if you wish and then get to the bread and butter of the app by laying out your list in a numbered or bulleted format.

Each list item can be adorned with additional text (in case you really need to make your case as to why “Countdown” should be included in Beyoncé’s 10 best songs), as well as photos and a location. Lists can hold up to 99 individual items, with each supporting up to 350 characters worth of text. A discover tab lets you peruse trending lists and find other interesting listers to follow, and, again mimicking Twitter, there’s a relist function which works similarly to a retweet, as well as an option to favor (like) or comment on a list.

Novak has already corralled a few heavy-hitters to get the ball rolling and drum up buzz for The List App. Users can find tailored lists from celebrities like Mindy Kaling, Snoop Dogg and Jimmy Fallon that speak volumes as to how The List App could become a premiere platform for fun, trendy and viral original content. Kaling’s list details all the reasons she should be one of the top people to follow on the app, while Snoop Dogg lays out other classic combinations besides gin and juice.

The app is free to download, but is currently only available for iOS devices. Perhaps one of you Android lovers could steal a friend’s iPhone and create a list in the app detailing all the reasons why it should be available on Android devices. If there’s one thing people still take the time to read these days, it’s a list.

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