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It ain’t always easy getting pregnant – in fact, it can be quite the opposite in some cases. While medical procedures like IVF have aided many women in getting pregnant, it’s a costly endeavor that not everyone can afford. However, if you’re having trouble baking up a bun in your oven, a new fertility wearable has arrived like that fateful baby-dropping stork to help you in your efforts to get pregnant. The Ava fertility tracking bracelet can detect an average of 5.3 fertile days throughout your monthly cycle by reading and examining your body’s cues while you sleep in order to produce millions of data points to set you on the path towards pregnancy.

Ava is only meant to be worn at night, where the fertility smart bracelet can detect and monitor a cornucopia of metrics including sleep, movement, skin temperature, resting pulse rate, breathing rate, heart rate variability, bioimpedance, heat loss and perfusion. All of this data and information is then synced to your smartphone in the morning (currently, Ava only works with iPhone, but Android support is expected very soon). In efforts to scientifically prove the efficacy of the wearable, Ava’s creators are submitting a research paper chock full of data they gathered from the device to be peer-reviewed by a reproductive journal.

Aesthetically, Ava bears a resemblance to Misfit devices, and comes in a variety of pastel colors. However, looks don’t matter that much since you’ll only be wearing Ava to bed. Just like when you’re pregnant, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The creators of Ava, a San Francisco/Switzerland startup, are working tirelessly to fine tune the wearable’s algorithms “for use in both pregnancy recognition, pregnancy monitoring and possible use as a non-hormonal contraceptive device.” As for now, the primary goal of Ava is to help women figure out the best time to try and conceive based on information it gathers from their bodies. With Ava, you could be one step closer to those “It’s a ____!” announcements.

Interested in tracking your own reproductive health? Check out the Bellabeat LEAF, available with Lumoid.

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