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Author: Michael McEnaney

16 Jan

Diving Back Into 2016 CES in Search of Photography Fun

The Consumer Electronics Show is the gift that keeps on giving for techies worldwide. Because we know you can't get enough CES goodies, here are a few more imaging treasures worth noting from the busy and typically crowded CES show floor. Canon’s Cool Portable Printer While it wasn’t an earth shattering CES for Canon, their new Selphy dye-sub printer, the CP1200, is by far the slickest home printer the company has ever produced. This one comes with an optional direct-attachable battery, which is sold separately and has the capacity to print 54 photos per charge. With card-size printing options, you can create pass cases, messages and decorated albums, with the option of adding white or black borders to the layout. Add in...
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13 Jan

Consumer Imaging Tech Makes Its Play at 2016 CES

CES 2016
With the annual Photo Marketing Association show now all but a memory, CES is typically the first look we get at all the new imaging-related gadgets announced at the dawn of each new year. While the photography announcements are typically dwarfed by the Internet of Things, the stunning progress in VR, the fast approaching reality of driverless cars and the fact robots are soon going to take over the Earth, if you looked hard enough, the photo world was well represented at this year's CES. The show's numbers are always fun to recount. This year, there were reportedly more than 3,600 exhibitors spread across 2.47 million-square-feet, and more than 170,000 people from some 140 countries scurrying around Las Vegas for this...
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4 Jan

Hydrogen Fuel Cells May Be the Key to Longer Drone Flights

The drone wars are starting to resemble the megapixel wars in the digital camera game from years ago: a furious race among multiple players, with new names entering all the time and seemingly no end to the possibilities. Sales numbers for drones continue to astound as well. Research analyst The Teal Group expects the U.S. market for commercial drones to reach $5.4 billion in sales by 2023. Deloitte predicts that 2015 will wind up being a breakthrough year for these devices. When the dust settles, the firm predicts over 1 million units will be sold for the first time in the category. However, there have always been some drawbacks with drones, namely their short range and long recharging times. Well, these...
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31 Dec

Millennials and Photography: A Storybook Beginning

These days, no moment is too insignificant or unworthy of capturing with a smartphone, from what you are eating for lunch to idle moments “hanging out” with your besties. And perhaps more important than the moment is the insatiable thirst to share it with the social media world immediately, with the hope it will generate thousands of “likes." Millennial photo habits have blossomed into a full-fledged love affair of photography. What did you expect from the generation that launched the selfie? According to a recent Pew survey, an overwhelming 79 percent of millennials share photos they’ve captured online. Toss in video and that numbers jumps to 81 percent. No other group comes close to those numbers. Not Exactly Camera-Shy Millennials are a...
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2 Dec

Intel’s RealSense: Tech Primed for Mobile Imaging

One of the quieter pieces of news that made its debut this year was Intel’s RealSense depth-sensing camera tech. Though not yet a tangible product, Intel spent the year cutting deals with computer makers Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Fujitsu, NEC and Toshiba to incorporate the technology into their 2015 models. Needless to say, the tech is certainly off to a solid start as an integrated part of the PC experience. A Camera That Senses the Environment RealSense actually began its life as a bulky attachment back in its beta stage, but quickly shrunk into a significantly smaller device that interestingly can now be embedded into electronic equipment of almost any size. Intel's RealSense imaging technology comes in three forms: a front-facing...
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27 Nov

The Coolest Wearable Cameras

One of the latest efforts from a Montreal-based company called 3DRiTEK offers something a bit different to the wearable camera realm with its third-eye concept. In this incarnation, their 3RDi camera has essentially been placed in the middle of what amounts to a plastic headband. Granted, it’s not the most fashionable headband you’ll ever see, but we’re sure the product’s designers will have other plans to address that once they bring this puppy to market. Simply tapping the left side of this camera band will capture a still photo while firing off the built-in flash. Tapping the right side shoots a shot without illumination. Capturing video is done by sliding your finger forward on either side to begin recording and by...
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26 Nov

Fuji Leading A Print Renaissance in Asia

I’ve personally been pushing the value of the printed photograph for years now. No knock on the digital revolution – I’m all in on that front – but I’ve always felt it just isn’t a photo until I can hold it in my hands. Apparently, I’m not alone. Fujifilm has announced the opening of Wonder Photo Shop photo printing service stores in Manila, Shanghai and Tokyo. Allure of Print After more than a year of research, the company came to the conclusion that the younger demographic in Asian countries has become interested in hard copies of photos by experiencing the instant photo prints from Fujifilm’s Instax mini instant cameras. The research also concluded that these same consumers are interested in getting prints...
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10 Nov

Add Another Image File Format to the Fire: FLIF

The game of alphabet soup that is image file formats has gotten pretty confusing over the years. We see a new one every so often that comes with the claim it’s the new sheriff in town, and will become the defacto way in which our photos are saved and shared. Over the last several years we’ve seen Google’s WebP go after the JPEG by promising a speedier way of shrinking file sizes with no loss in quality. Just last year it was famed programmer Fabrice Bellard and his new file format dubbed BPG that boasted the same quality of a JPEG at half the file size. Now, if you’ll direct your attention to the center ring, it’s the latest attempt at...
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1 Nov

UNICEF Campaign Uses Smartphones to Combat Bullying

Bullying is a childhood and adolescent problem that goes back as far as anyone can recall, and can have some truly damaging effects. With the rise of the Internet and smartphones in the 21st Century, bullying has graduated from a playground activity into a more nefarious creature that can impact all ages. Cyberbullying is no joking matter, and a new campaign is looking to take the devices that facilitate it and turn them into weapons for positivity. UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, recently launched an ad campaign in Chile that speaks out against cyberabullying with smartphone photos. The campaign is titled “One Shot,” and consists of three ads that feature images that show a group of teenage students pointing their...
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