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Author: Michael Cheng

8 Mar

Samsung Launches Powerful VR Camera

Samsung is solidifying its entry into the virtual reality sector with the release of a new camera called the Samsung Gear 360. The device is a sphere-shaped unit that allows owners to shoot and capture 360-degree photos and videos. Through this offering, the tech brand hopes to boost VR content generation, which may help bolster the use of its other VR products, such as the iconic Oculus-powered headset. “Samsung continues to push the boundaries of the mobile experience to extend beyond the smartphone. Following last year’s Gear VR release, Gear 360 continues to push the limits on immersive content — providing a visual experience that makes capturing and sharing life’s moments even easier,” said DJ Koh, President of Mobile Communications Business at...
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25 Feb

SF Team Attaches Cameras to Weather Balloon to Capture Stunning Shots from 91,000 Feet

Strapping a camera on moving objects is a great way to gather breathtaking shots. In the past, individuals used handheld shooters attached to surfboards, rockets and cars. The latest group to apply the unconventional shooting method is Night Crew Labs. The media adventure team (Bryan Chan, Ashish Goel, Tyler Reid, Paul Tarantino and Corey Snyder) launched a stratospheric weather balloon from Presidio, San Francisco, where the vessel reached 91,470 feet and eventually landed around 100 miles away from the original site. Rough winds, coupled with fast-moving clouds carried the rig safely across Northern California. Aboard the payload, the crew packed the following devices: Sony A7s mirrorless camera with a Sony 10-18mm f/4 lens GoPro HERO4 Black (two) Samsung Galaxy S5 GoPro HERO3+ SPOT GPS tracker USB battery packs The...
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15 Feb

Prizm Music Player Curates Music Using Tinder-like Controls

Like most music lovers, you probably spend a lot of time looking for new tunes and creating playlists. The whole process of managing musical preferences is extremely tedious, and there are a handful of apps and devices that claim to have the best algorithm for customized track selection. Unfortunately,  most will leave you with a bunch of songs you don’t actually like, which can be frustrating. Before you give up on automated curation platforms, try Prizm. The player promises to deliver a new level of audio curation that no other system has achieved. Featured at CES 2016, the hardware is designed to understand your mood, personal taste and daily schedule. Read on to find out how the robust device can elevate your...
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10 Feb

Altruis Smart Jewelry Helps You Focus on Important Tasks Instead of Your Smartphone

All it takes is one random smartphone notification to distract you from your busy day. Unfortunately, there aren’t many ways around the issue. Placing your mobile device on silent will leave you checking your pocket every few minutes in anticipation for a message or call, which can sometimes be worse than having your phone on full blast. Helping you stay in the moment is Vinaya, a London-based startup that specializes in smart jewelry and wearables. The brand strongly believes that technology should help you engage your surroundings (relationships, daily tasks and personal hobbies) and not the other way around. "We believe that it's only through facilitating such a human-centric research loop that we can arrive at meaningful solutions. Our aim is...
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10 Feb

Sugr Cube: Upbeat Wooden Speakers for Urban Living

The Sugr Cube speaker would make Steve Jobs proud. At least that’s what the designers had in mind while drawing up sketches for the audio device. “Besides the technology, we want to present our respect to Apple and Jobs, so we designed the speaker to be iOS icon shaped with authentic wood surface,” said Sugr CEO Sean Song. The China-based startup is experiencing firsthand the impact that the tech giant is having in Asia as it carves out a path for other local brands, like Xiaomi and Huawei, to follow. Not to be left behind, Song hopes to influence the audio electronics space in the same way with the release of its first smart speaker. The group launched a Kickstarter campaign in...
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4 Feb

Globe Skateboard Lets You Ride to Your Favorite Tunes with a Built-In Wireless Speaker

In order to get the most out of your skateboard, you need music. Riding to your favorite tracks while cruising around the city can be a liberating, memorable experience. Using a pair of headphones is the only thing that's stopping you from making the trip worthwhile. Long wires can easily get tangled around your fingers and clothes, which can limit and restrict your movements on the board. Helping solve this worldwide problem is Globe. The Melbourne, Australia-based company was founded by Stephen, Peter and Matt Hill, brothers with decades of professional experience in upbeat skateboard design and technology. Their latest offerings, the GSB Pinner and the GSB Blazer, feature a cutting-edge deck with a built-in wireless speaker. The group worked closely with...
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31 Jan

Apple Dominated Global Smartwatch Sales and Shipments by 50 Percent in 2015

The Apple Watch was an instant hit from the moment it came out, but how much did it affect the smartwatch industry in 2015? According to a study by Juniper Research, a marketing and technology research firm, the tech giant’s first wearable smartwatch accounted for over half (51.1 percent or 8.8 million devices sold) of global smartwatch shipments last year. Impressively, the Apple Watch was released in April of 2015, and only had a little over the second half of the year to gain a foothold in the nascent sector. During that period, the smartwatch space was extremely active with new product launches almost every two months, which makes the accomplishment exceptionally worthy of praise. The company’s competition, Android Wear, was only...
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21 Jan

Everything You Need to Know About Video Resolutions

Not sure about the difference between HD and 4K? Video resolutions used to be a transparent setting that filmmakers understood clearly. With cameras pushing the threshold of picture quality, it’s important to know how such developments are affecting your shooting experience. Here’s a closer look at one of the most controversial topics floating around the film industry today. Aspect Ratio and Dimensions The best way to understand what you’re looking at is by tackling the basics of aspect ratio and screen resolution. Firstly, video files are commonly measured by pixels. For example, if you have a clip that is 640 x 480, it means that the dimensions of the file are 640 pixels wide by 480 pixels high. Aspect ratio refers to...
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6 Jan

DJI’s Geofencing System Prevents You from Snooping Around Restricted Areas

Drone regulations are coming into full swing, and major manufacturers are showing their support for the controversial rulings. Recently, DJI announced a new way to help accommodate the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) views on best practices for drones. The group launched a new system called GeoSpatial Environment Online (GEO) that warns users about restricted locations, like Washington D.C. and airports. Secure facilities, such as prisons and power plants, are also included on the no-fly list. When implemented, the feature will prevent a UAV from taking off in secure spaces. Drone owners will also receive updates for temporary restricted areas like stadium events and forest fires. “DJI invented geofencing over two years ago and now continues its industry leadership by balancing enhanced...
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3 Jan

Official White House Photographer Releases iPhone Pictures of His Journey with the President

Are you wondering what President Barack Obama was up to this year? Pete Souza, the official photographer for the White House, knows. He follows the Commander in Chief around all day, waiting for the right time to pull out his Canon 5D Mark III. Earlier this year, Souza was caught mixing things up with a Sony, Nikon, and sometimes, a Leica. Once in a while, Souza shoots with an iPhone. Yes, the same Apple device that you probably have in your pocket, only Souza’s has been around places where even dogs and the gardener need high-level security clearance. As a treat for his 300,000 followers on Instagram, he released the images from his smartphone cam. The photos are not as sharp...
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