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Author: Matt O'Brien

8 Feb

Replace Any Background In Photoshop

You've taken a stunning portrait in the studio, but now have grand visions of it with a sweeping sunset landscape, bustling city, or even underwater scene. Sometimes shooting these in the real world just aren't an option, so you have to take matters into your own hands. In this tutorial, we will show you how to take your studio shot and merge it with a landscape of your choice. Start by opening two images in Photoshop - a portrait with a subject you'll cut out, and background you will place them into. This is the portrait we choose, it should be easy to remove her from the white background as it provides contrast. She will be placed in this background. Use your favorite selection tool to...
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5 Jun

El Salvador Surf Trip: The Most Straightforward Step-by-Step Guide You’ll Ever Get

1. Surf shirts and trunks to local kids are just as powerful as cash, they will get off your ass about buying a necklace too. 2. You’re in the tropics, its really hot all year long, only can legitly survive off 2 pairs of board shorts (one dry, one wet) and two shirts, shoes not needed. 3. If you're bringing Camera equipment, pick up a bag that isn’t as suspicious, I got mine from and it fits more then I can carry. 4. Your boat captain is your survival guide, be friends with him, because he can take your stuff and leave you. 5. SUP is still looked down on in El Salvador too, maybe even more than at home. 6. Drink tons of water. Nothing...
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