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Author: Lauren Valentine

3 Oct

Behold the Brand New DJI Mavic Pro Drone

Brand spanking new on the drone scene is the latest and greatest from DJI: the Mavic Pro. Boasting improved portability and power, this foldable drone can be manipulated down to the size of a water bottle and just as easily be unfolded and take flight in under a minute flat. Let's get into the details, shall we? Not only do the arms and propellers fold nice and neat for fantastic on-the-go capabilities, DJI's Mavic Pro also incorporates a 4k front camera, a 4.3 mile distance range, visual navigation system and a 27-minute flight time. For long-range use, the Mavic Pro can be operated with a remote controller, but if you're not looking to fly it great distances, you can utilize your...
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1 Oct

5 Wearables to Help You Achieve Relaxation and Rest

We all get into those funks from time to time where every little thing in your life seems to go haywire - you spill a cup of coffee on your favorite shirt, get a flat tire, forget your lunch at home and a new work project is constantly worrying at your thoughts. In times like these, it can be challenging to get the proper sleep and quietude your body and mind need in order to recharge and function at peak condition. Never fear, technology is here! These five wearable gadgets will help you battle stress and take charge of your sleeping schedule to give your mental and physical conditions a much needed helping hand. 1. Fitbit Charge 2 The newest addition to the Fitbit fam comes full equipped with...
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29 Sep

4 Ways Drinking Coffee Can Benefit Your Health

For many individuals, the only thing that successfully gets them out of bed in the morning is the promise of that steaming hot, velvety cup of their favorite brew. While sometimes you might bemoan your caffeine addiction (especially when it comes to your wallet), imbibing a mug's worth or two of coffee can actually be quite beneficial to your overall health and wellness in the long run. To celebrate National Coffee Day, here are four ways your daily roast can actually give your body a boost. 1. Cardiovascular Protection While you shouldn't completely eschew a solid cardio workout, coffee can be quite the heart booster. A Japanese study reveals that getting in your daily dose of coffee can be key to heart...
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27 Sep

The Photo Gear You Need for Your Tropical Vacation

When you're jet-setting to a warm island locale for some well-deserved vacay R&R, you definitely want to bring along a camera to document all the beautiful sites and landscapes you're bound to explore. However, it's also pretty important that you're not weighed down by cumbersome photo gear - who wants to lug a massive telephoto lens and tripod to the beach? Not to mention, there's also the chance of ruining your gear thanks to pesky sand and salt water. To get the best shots possible with the least amount of hassle, the next time you're headed to some gorgeous, balmy spot like Hawaii, The Bahamas or Cancun, try out this beach-ready gear from Lumoid. 1. The Weekender This camera kit is small in size,...
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25 Sep

How To: Review Your Workout with Beast

Intro: The Exercise The Dimel Deadlift is a great exercise I’ve been using since a while among the many deadlifts variations, I saw this exercise on a video by Dave Tate, I want to him here as he’s always a great source of inspiration and education! The exercise is a variation of the Romanian Deadlifts and it is basically a Hip Hinge based movement that works the whole posterior chain with a very quick inversion from the eccentric to the concentric phase. The idea behind this variation is to make the RDL even more explosive and almost plyometric with very high speeds and short Time Under Tension. As Dave suggests in the video below, this exercises is good when performed with long sets (15 to...
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23 Sep

GoPro Launches New Hero5 Models and Highly Anticipated Karma Drone

Action camera and drone enthusiasts, the day is finally here! GoPro has unveiled their two new camera models, the Hero5 Black and the Hero5 Session, as well as their much-awaited (and first ever) drone, the Karma. Let's break down each of GoPro's latest goodies below. Hero5 Black & Hero5 Session GoPro's new camera models come with some great upgrades over their predecessors, including native waterproofing and voice control features. The Hero5 Black is designed with a 2-inch touchscreen, a sensor that takes 12-megapixel images and a handy-dandy GPS. Much like the Hero4, it shoots 4K at 30 frames per second. Another cool upside to the Hero5 is its ability to auto-upload photos and videos to your GoPro Plus account, meaning you can...
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22 Sep

Our Absolute Favorite Audio Gear: Staff Picks

When it comes to audio gear, it can get a bit overwhelming trying to wade through all your options to choose the best device for you. Word of mouth reviews and recommendations from friends, family and trusted sources (like the Lumoid crew!) can be excellent ways to get insider knowledge that make your search for your perfect speaker or over-ear headphones just that much easier. From Audeze, Sennheiser and Sonos to Master & Dynamic, Sony and Technica, here are all of our all-time favorite audio devices, gear that's near and dear that we use everyday and can't seem to live without: Try all this wonderful audio today when you rent from Lumoid!...
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21 Sep

Amazon Launches Game-Changing Online Photo Printing Service

E-commerce juggernaut Amazon has just announced a whopper of an addition to their services in the form of Amazon Prints. The introduction of the service - which allows Amazon users to order and print photos, photo books and soon calendars, stationery and much more - caused a nosedive of around 14% in the stock of current leading online print company, Shutterfly. Amazon Prints features pricing that other companies will be hard-pressed to beat with 4x6 prints costing just 9 cents each and 5x7 and 8x10 prints priced at 58 cents and $1.79 respectively. While they advertise stationery and calendars as "coming soon," currently they have photo books available for purchase, starting at a very reasonable $20 which increases based on the size, cover and paper choice made...
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21 Sep

4 Audio Devices to Help You Kick Back and Relax

Just because summertime is no longer here, doesn't mean a break now and then isn't well-deserved. Soaking up some of your favorite tunes from the cozy comfort of your bed or while swaying in a hammock on the beach is a wonderful way to make the most of your lounge time. Here are four amazing audio devices you need to snag to get the best sonic experience out there. 1. Sonos PlayBar Built with a whopping nine speakers, get ready to flood your home with full sound for all your audio requirements. Wirelessly stream music in any room of your home in pitch perfect quality. 2. Wren V5-US Not only is this speaker super sleek and stylish, it can also deliver your favorite jams by connecting...
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20 Sep

The Best Headphones for Easy Listening on Your iPhone 7

No headphone jack? No problem. For all you Apple lovers out there, we've got you covered with an array of Bluetooth headphones that'll keep your tunes going full blast. Check out our favorite picks below: 1. Harman Kardon Soho Wireless These Harman Kardon headphones are ideal for the style-savvy listener. Combining NFC and Bluetooth technology, the Soho Wireless headphones deliver amazing sound without the frustration of tangling cords. 2. JBL Synchros S400BT With sound modeled after their industry leading JBL speakers, the Synchros S400BT deliver you to a land of sound with incredible clarity and quality. They also come with a touch sensor control system for easy adjustment-making while you listen. 3. Beats Solo2 These Beats Solo2 headphones aim to make your listening experience better than ever. A wider range and...
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