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Author: Hannah Guenther

13 Dec

Nanotechnology, Algae and Apps Transform the way cancer is detected and treated

Thanks to nanotechnology, new ground is being made diagnosing and treating cancer. We all remember the Disney classic, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Well, nanotechnology is essentially the same concept; sizing down to a cellular scale to combat invasive duplicating cells, leaving normal functioning cells untouched. Let’s face it, the ability to provide site-specific treatment in comparison to other available options like chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, is greatly preferred in order to evade those tiresome side-effects of toxins being pumped into the body. Nanotechnology provides cancer patients with the care they need without compromising their otherwise healthy functioning bodies. Every day a multitude of factors, both environmental and man-made, affect an individual’s health. Consequently, the number of cancer cases has risen significantly...
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13 Dec

From Water to Wine, Innovation Solves the Vintner’s Pickle

I love wine. Sangiovese, montepulciano, zinfandel, chardonnay; the list goes on. A nice bottle of wine has the ability to unfold like a narrative, starting when you first sniff the glass, swirling the contents around to get a feel for the body. After a few sips, when you’ve established a sense of each character in this elusive plot, you reach the climax. Two or three sips remain until the third act, and depending on the quantity you’ve ingested, it’s either pleasant or overly decadent. (You live and you learn.) But one thing remains the same - wine is both a solitary drink and a social communion. People of all ranks enjoy wine. Jesus was known to indulge in a glass from...
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6 Dec

Green Porno Live! is The Best of Strange

If you’re a film aficionado like myself, than it’s a safe bet you enjoy the masterpieces of David Lynch.  Need I mention Blue Velvet (1986)?  Yes. Of course I do.  Just thinking about that film makes my heart smile in a strange sadistic sort of way.  Where does one start with such a gruesome masterpiece?  We can discuss in length the opening sequence or the infamous aerosol huffing menace, Frank Booth, but not right now.  Today I'd like to bring your attention to a peculiar woman donning an outrageous wig half-heartily singing Bobby Vinton's "Blue Velvet"… just who is this woman? ENTER: The Talented Isabella Rossellini Born from cinema legends Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman, Isabella is firmly situated within cinema’s aristocracy.  Unfortunately,...
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29 Nov

Every Film Nerd’s Conundrum

Critics and art historians will argue that cinema is dead, a dying art in the age of technology and digital media. As many following in the footsteps of James Cameron and J.J. Abrams would claim, “It's all about 3D," or in reference to the latter, Abrams’ signature computer generated lens flare. But us film nerds know better than that. When it comes to restoration, color gradients and film supplements, just who reigns supreme? Many would cast their vote for Criterion Collection without any hesitation, while an enlightened few may consider up and coming rival Arrow Films. The bottom line: both offer a catalog of the best of the best to appease cinephiles of all ranks. What it really boils down to is...
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13 Nov

A Pending Deadlock: Police vs. Body Cams

There’s been a lot of discussion lately concerning the safety of civilians while in the hands of law enforcement. That is why many feel it is time that police officers begin employing the use of body cameras. Several communities argue it’s necessary in order to maintain public safety. Recorded footage also functions as an excellent source of evidence providing a real-time sequence in which events take place. I won't go into the nitty gritty of such incidents because it's most likely being covered in your evening news, but the fact of the matter is too many victims are losing their lives unnecessarily at the hands of police. To call this growing phenomenon a coincidence dismisses discrepancies within the police force. Tactics such...
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10 Nov

Brazil is the Future

Brazil may have bitten off more than it can chew - getting Rio de Janeiro in shape before the 2016 Summer Olympics. Many skeptics claim this task to be a nearly impossible challenge, and investors who’ve been following Brazil’s economy and lengthy recovery are biting their nails on the sidelines. So why am I confident in their ambitious drive to success? Since the early 1960s, as Brazil’s economy was taking shape and testing the waters of global markets and the industrial boom, a saying was passed around that deemed the largest South American country to lead the rest of the continent into prosperity, equality and democracy: “The future is in Brazil." The construction of Niemeyer’s Brasília illustrated and strengthened this point, however, rampant corruption...
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6 Nov

The Rise of the Urban Commuter

Picture this: You’re in your mid 20s or early 30s, own at least five portable electronic devices, manage life from a smartphone, don some type of wearable and work for a startup as a developer, programmer, or maybe you write copy or head the sales department for a company that provides services to consumers or other businesses. Oh, and more importantly, this job is in the city, so in an attempt to cut down on the cost of transportation, you’ve given consideration to scooters, folding bicycles and hoverboards. Welcome to the future of the wayfaring pedestrian, or better yet, meet the urban commuter. Before we delve into the latest transporters on the market, one question still remains unclear: Where did this...
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16 Sep

Is Doping a Thing of the Past?

Since 1903, the Tour de France has been the apex of a professional cyclists’ career.  Rain or shine and sometimes snow, these athletes must endure all conditions in the fight for the yellow jersey.  Eighteen stages throughout France and hundreds of cyclists competing for a place on the podium—all participants are legends and rightfully so, they have to fight hard to win it. Its unfortunate that the world of professional cycling hasn’t gained the same popularity it has in Europe.  Its even more unfortunate that the one individual who is accredited with propagating cycling in American soil got caught up in one of sport’s biggest scandals.  Yes, I’m talking about Lance Armstrong.  The very mention of his name defiles the integrity...
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1 Sep

Get Smart for Wanderlust

Are you planning a trip some time soon and need a new set of luggage? Rarely does luggage met the criteria for long distance travel, especially when that traveling requires numerous connection flights, relying on airport personnel, and security checkpoints. So much can go wrong! But alas, fear not! The reign of Samsonite’s plastic hard-shelled cases are now artifacts of long ago, just like Heelys and fanny packs. In other words, they just don’t make the cut in today’s jagged world. Here’s a look at a few local contenders who’ve merged modern conveniences with elegance in design and performance. And the best part about these definite crowd pleaser are the fact that it starts here in our own backyard. Barracuda, a San Francisco-based...
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16 Aug

Tech and Coffee, a Love Story

Coffee is an inherent necessity. The muddy brew is sought out every morning by the droves. Its need is embedded with morning routine therefore masking any connection to ‘addiction’. The morning beverage was featured on war posters during WWII selling war bonds, showcasing a smiling soldier gripping his steaming tin mug. The iconic Folger’s Coffee was established in 1855 in San Francisco, selling their product in slender aluminum cans that are now collector’s items. Then there was the instant coffee craze for folks seeking strange conveniences followed by the Starbucks frenzy that nearly dominated the entire coffee scene in the early 2000’s. Whichever way you put it, coffee is both work and leisure. Its said coffee’s best friends are donuts and...
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