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Author: Anna Giles

15 May

Drone Racing, Star Wars Style

Remember that scene in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, when they raced through the Forest Moon of Endor? Hasn’t a part of you always wished that you could throw on some camouflaged forest gear, strap on a helmet and hop onto a speeder bike in order to live out your wildest Jedi dreams? Well, now you can, with first-person drone-view racing! These large-scale, first-person video drones are incredibly fast, and while you’re less Luke Skywalker and more little kid with a high-powered toy, racing them still looks amazingly fun. The potential audience for drone racing is limitless: everyone from speed demons to sci-fi fans to little kids could find something to love. Drone pilots have likened first-person drone-view...
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2 May

Iconic Movie Wearables Tech Firms Should Invest In

Captain America: Civil War
If you’re a sci-fi nerd like a lot of other techies, your childhood was probably filled with hours upon hours of watching films like Star Wars, Back to the Future (I, II, and III) and Ghostbusters to name a popular few. You’ve also probably daydreamed about having your own spy watch or jet pack. Hopefully, these futuristic wearables are on the horizon - we do have the Apple watch, after all, which even the haters have to admit is similar to some spy gear James Bond would rock. Here’s a list of wearables from some of the most iconic sci-fi films that tech firms should invest in, like now. Back to the Future Hoverboard It may not technically be a “wearable,” but...
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16 Apr

Sonos Speakers Could Help You Get Lucky

Sonos Wireless Speakers
By now, you’ve heard of  - even if you don’t know it. They’re everywhere, from popping up in your daily news feed to a much publicized collaboration with Apple Music. There’s a good reason Sonos is getting all of this attention - the speakers are widely regarded as some of the best on the market. With their crystal-clear HiFi sound, deep bass and customizable sizes, Sonos speakers are a far cry from what you're probably used to when it comes to sound systems. The collaboration with Apple Music is notable, as Sonos speakers have full access to Apple Music's streaming library. To stream Apple Music through Sonos, simply select "Add Music Services" in the app, scroll down to the Apple...
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16 Feb

2016’s hottest photography trends from Jessica Keener Photography

Selfie sticks. White linens. Rustic barns. Pets. Gold everything. In 2015, there were definite trends that stuck out in the photography world - ones that even Instagram photographers could recognize and appreciate. But heading into 2016, there are new terms and styles coming en vogue which seasoned pros will employ into their lifestyle, portrait, wedding and headshot photography. These are what photographers are being asked for by their clients, and what they are looking forward to experimenting with in the coming year. With that in mind, I spoke with Jessica Keener, of Jessica Keener Photography in Seattle, WA, about what trends we can look forward to in 2016. Lumoid: Hi Jess! Tell us a bit about you: how did you find...
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16 Feb

Founder of Circuit Works Studio explains why your gym resolution will fail

I used to watch celebrities work out. It’s actually less creepy than it sounds. I previously worked for a well-known studio in Santa Monica called Circuit Works - the key word being “studio,” and not “gym,” as Circuit Works only has classes and personal training sessions available. This ain’t your come-and-go, dirty elliptical, grandma’s gym; this is a sleek facility tailored to your specific needs, and I have seen the results not only in Circuit Works’ clientele (famous and non), but also in my own body. Raphael Verela, owner of Circuit Works I spoke with Raphael Verela, the owner and founder of Circuit Works, on what it is about his system that keeps workout fanatics coming back for...
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30 Jan

Top 3 Best E-commerce Platforms for Your Small Business

Last-minute holiday shopping is in full-swing, and after-Christmas sales are closing out a record year in 2015, with shoppers buying more gifts online than in stores over the 2015 Black Friday weekend. Billions of dollars are spent every year during the holiday season on small and local businesses and restaurants. This trend, while incomparable with 2014 data, seems to be on the rise, as it is the first time online stores beat out the old brick-and-mortar model. This means it is more important than ever to have efficient, easy-to-use e-commerce integrations for your small business. Below is a list of the three best e-commerce solutions for small online businesses: Shopify When I reached out to a major online retailer of a popular...
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15 Sep

The Best of the Best: Wearable (and Fashionable) Tech at NYFW

The 2016 shows at New York Fashion Week put the “design” in “fashion design.” While fashion is ever-evolving (and new trends are constantly popping up in women’s magazines, online, and on the streets), it does not often incorporate technology into its look-of-the-moment. Yet designers have become more creative and inventive as the years pass and now, wearable tech is having moment - especially at the center of the universe, the hub of innovation and design, the mothership of culture, fashion, and technology: New York City. Here are our picks for our favorite, smartest pieces seen at New York Fashion Week: Smart Bras, Transformer-Style Chromat debuted a smart sports bra at New York Fashion Week that tracks temperature, stress levels, and how much sweat...
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