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Author: Adam Smith

26 Jun

Astrophotographer’s Calendar for 2015

Astrophotographers have already been enjoying a pretty exciting year with an amazing solar eclipse, a new comet and plenty of northern lights shows illuminating the skies in states that typically miss out the auroras. The rest of the year is looking just as promising for those who like to get out and shoot the amazing events that our solar system brings. Here are some dates to circle on your calendars for the remainder of 2015: Double Planets - June 30 and Oct 26 Get ready for Jupiter and Venus to appear extremely close in the sky creating a unique nighttime view that will be visible on just two occasions in 2015.. They will be separated by approximately one degree in the sky,...
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29 May

Photo Destinations in Central America

Central America is a traveler’s gold mine with so many small, yet incredibly diverse nations packed closely together. It also provides a dream trip for any shutterbug. This part of the world is full of rich history, untouched rainforests and idyllic beaches. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a volcano erupting! The possibilities for photographers are endless. I’ve done some extensive traveling in the region and have come up with a list of some of my favorite spots that should end up on any photographer’s itinerary. I’ve included a few of these for their unmatched pristine beauty and others for their cultural significance. Tikal National Park In hot and steamy northern Guatemala near the city of Flores, Tikal National Park quickly...
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26 May

How Traveling Turned Me into a Photographer

Five years ago, the furthest place from home I had ever went was Canada. Like most Americans, I essentially lived inside my own little bubble of comfort. I thought I knew what I wanted in life, and was enjoying my last years as a student. I hadn’t seen the world and I most definitely knew nothing about photography. One trip abroad changed all of this. Traveling opened my eyes and helped me learn more about myself than I ever imagined was possible. During college, I picked up Spanish as a second major and decided that I needed to study abroad to get the full language learning experience. I wanted to go abroad, not just to improve my language skills, but to...
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19 May

The Top Point and Shoot Cameras for Traveling

Whether you are a pro looking for something small to take with you, or an amateur who just wants a decent camera, there seem to always be three factors that weigh in when choosing a camera--quality, cost, and portability. It's surprisingly hard to find a product that satisfies all of these requirements, but not impossible. With a few years under my belt selling cameras, and substantial experience traveling and shooting, I've picked up a fair amount of helpful tips. Read on. It's not all about the megapixels Probably the biggest mistake that rookie camera buyers make is shopping based on megapixels. More MPs does not always equate with better image quality. Yes, they're important but there are many other factors that should be considered. You...
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29 Apr

Canon Enters the World of 50 MP Cameras

Canon shooters have been looking for an ultra-high resolution sensor for some time. Despite the general amazingness of Canon’s popular 5D Mark III or the 7D Mark II, they lack a truly high resolution sensor, which can seriously limit the appeal of these models to high end shooters who need the extra pixels. Some professionals, especially landscape or macro shooters and those in the fashion industry, have felt their needs ignored by Canon for years – but that is about to change in a big way. This year, Canon announced two new camera bodies that will come equipped with 50.6 MP full frame sensors. This is a huge jump from Canon’s 22 MP sensor in the 5D Mark III and puts...
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13 Apr

Thailand’s Songkran New Year’s Festival: the World’s Biggest Water Fight

From Spain’s La Tomatina, to Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival and India’s Holi Festival, the world is full of amazing cultural celebrations that fill us with awe and amusement. They inspire travelers and photographers everywhere to pack their bags and head for the far corners of the planet. One of my favorites happens this month in Thailand - The Songkran Festival. Songkran is one of the most unique ways of ringing in a new year anywhere in the world. Songkran is much more than just a typical Near Year’s celebration with a countdown leading up to some confetti and a few fireworks - it is a festival steeped deep in a cultural tradition of washing away sins in water that has evolved into...
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9 Apr

The Future of Photography Through Lytro’s Illum

Photography is a world primarily dominated by Canon, Nikon and, to a lesser extent, Sony for decades. Photographers are loyal to their brands like dogs to their master. Who hasn’t gotten into an argument with someone that shoots with a brand other than yours? Breaking into this ultra-competitive world is a tough move with photographers so entrenched in their own brands. However, forward-thinking Lytro just might be on the verge of changing photography as we know it with their newest creation – the Illum. While they won’t be making users dump their top end DSLRs just yet, Lytro’s offering is one of the coolest cameras on the market. The Illum is cutting edge – so much so that it looks like...
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