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Author: Adam Crawford

15 Aug

A Comprehensive Guide to Photographing and Living on the Road

I had finally burnt myself out working freelance gigs and odd jobs. I was sitting in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio, a small town in the Northwestern part of the state. Summer was in full swing and it was becoming oppressive with the humidity and high temps. I was stuck, bored, uninspired and desperately needing a change. I had read an article a few months earlier on National Geographic called “How to: Turn Your Car Into a Camper.” It really struck a chord with me because it was about a couple who had turned their Honda CR-V into a camper complete with a platform bed, storage and other living necessities in order to drive cross country and live on the road. I myself had a...
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3 Feb

Zen and the Art of Meditation Photography

My goal with meditation photography is to quell my worries, fears and uncontrollable thoughts that often take over my mind in order to operate in the present to become a better photographer. As a photographer who has tried many different methods of shooting, who has had plenty of trial and error and who has seen cameras and technology change drastically over the past 10 years, I find that when I got past the Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) stage, I wanted to find my style and a meaning to my photography. I found this through photographic meditation. This meditative state puts me into a hyper-awareness where I absorb the atmosphere around me - everything from the wind blowing, the smells and senses...
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24 Jan

Alien Skin Exposure X: More Than Just a Bunch of Filters

Alien Skin Exposure X, Exposure X, screen shot, image-editing program, RAW processing
Alien Skin Exposure X was released late last year, and according to the company, it is an easy and faster way of organizing, editing and enhancing your images. While it does all of the above, I found it to be a better RAW image processor that gave me fast access to my files without having to upload them like I do in Adobe Lightroom. The Exposure X software can act as a stand-alone image-editing suite, or as a plug-in for both Photoshop and Lightroom. Over the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to use it, and here’s what I found. Organizing With Exposure X The Alien Skin Exposure X User Interface One of the strengths of Exposure...
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