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If you’re a photographer who’s tired of shooting the same old landscapes and boring models, or a person who thinks selfies are so 2000-and-late, well do I have the next trend for you: aura photography. Now before your eyes roll out of their sockets, take a breath and get in touch with your spiritual, mystical side for a second. I’m not talking about something supernatural like capturing ghosts – let’s leave that to the Ghostbusters. No, I’m talking about a photographic process that’s gaining in popularity and capturing one’s essence on film, all in a mesmerizing mélange of color and mystique.

Aura photographs are essentially just that – vaguely visible portraits of people that are shrouded by arrays of color, with the different colors meant to convey the energy and essence of the subject. These photographs are achieved when a subject places their hands on two metal plates connected to a camera that, when the shutter goes off, can capture the electromagnetic vibrations (aka energy) the subject emits and display this as a rainbow of color instantly like a Polaroid picture.

Aura photography

These photos are meant for more than just cool mementos to hang up or frame somewhere. When the film fully develops, the aura consultation begins. The photo is examined by an aura expert (yes, this is a thing) who has been trained in the art of reading and interpreting biofeedback signals related to aura photography. This aural auteur deciphers each of the color fields on your photograph that are linked to different chakra zones on your body.

Once your colors and aura have been decoded, this mystical reading ends with suggestions on how to improve your aura because you might as well get a makeshift therapy session out of it too. For those of you who don’t quite speak the language of aura, the nature of the phenomenon is that they are always in flux, so every aura photograph you take will be different.

Scoff at it if you like, but aura photography is seriously taking off. Everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Brooklyn hipsters is signing up to get their auras photographed and interpreted. It’s an ingenious art that not only appeals to our vanity, but our need to be in touch with our inner selves. Aura experts say that the beginning of a new year is a great time for first-timers to have their auras captured in photo. They also recommend going on days when you’re in a good mood in order to facilitate open-mindedness. Face it, isn’t it time a picture of yourself told you something useful, rather than just being swiped left or right on?

Gwenyth Paltrow aura photography

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