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When it comes to undeniable sound quality, Audeze is normally the list topper. What sets Audeze headphones apart from pretty much any other pair or brand on the market is their planar magnetic headphone technology, which delivers crisp, dynamic, encompassing sound most audiophiles drool over. The planar magnetic technology has heretofore been relegated to over the head headphones, but Audeze has been able to shrink this technology to work and fit with an in-ear headphone. Audeze iSine 10 headphones are the wondrous fruits of their labor – a 30mm planar magnetic headphone that channels sound directly into your ear thanks to a high-tech funnel.

With a booming range extension that goes from a high end treble to a deep sub bass, not to mention an immaculate soundstage, Audeze iSine 10 headphones can create powerful sound out of almost anything, including wimpy devices like mobile phones. For a pair of in-ear headphones to achieve this type of audio quality, it’s forgivable that the design and aesthetic is rather bulky. In fact, these whoppers resemble the black Spider-Man costume design, complete with webbing detail, and will look like giant clip-on earrings nestled into your ears. But hey, this fashion statement is a small price to pay for incredible sound quality.

Prototypes of Audeze iSine 10 were made from 3D-printed materials, only bolstering their effortless cool factor and tech credentials. Due to this and the unnaturally gargantuan size for an in-ear headphone, there are some potential fit issues with the buds. Audeze sells foam and silicone tips to make the fit more snug and tight, but with buds this size, it’s pretty much impossible to block out all surrounding noise from one’s environment. Those looking for total noise-cancellation headphones should look elsewhere. Still, the iSine 10 packs a sound quality like no other in-ear headphone around, and won’t leak your tunes out from the bud into the world at large. Be on the lookout for Audeze iSine 10 in October with a competitive price tag of $399.

In anticipation of the Audeze iSine 10 release, why not try out the Audeze EL-8 Closed-Back headphones or the Audeze LCDX from Lumoid? Rent a pair today and see just how much of a punch they pack.

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