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At this point, audiophiles know to expect greatness from Audeze. Luckily, their latest pair of headphones, the Audeze Sine, lives up to the high-standards the audio company has set for itself. What separates Sine from Audeze’s previous offerings is their compactness for a pair of on-ear headphones, and their use of planar magnetic drivers, rather than the more commonly used dynamic drivers. These planar magnetic drivers contain a flat, thin membrane of conductive material that moves around with the use of, what else, magnets bitch! This causes the driver to be more responsive, reproducing the hidden details of a song with a crisper accuracy.


Elephantine recording with Sine headphones at Zoo Labs in Oakland, CA.

This design differentiation sets Sine apart from other Audeze headphones. It also lends Sine headphones a hefty price tag of $449 – planars and their sound quality do not come cheap. However, for audiophiles, it’s hard to argue against that type of quality, which is ridiculously on par with what Audeze produces. The planars transcend what already seemed like untouchable quality, delivering top-notch sound across the lows, mids and highs, with 20 ohms and the ability to handle 6W of input. Compared to other headphones equipped with planars, Audeze Sine is a steal in terms of pricing.

Audeze Sine

Deserved praise shouldn’t be relegated to just the Sine’s sound quality – this is a convenient, if simplistic, pair of headphones to rock. Lightweight, small and with earcups that fold flat, they are incredibly easy to transport and carry around. The black on black material, including leather earcups, may look a little bit like something out of The Matrix and not as aesthetically inventive as other pairs of headphones, but black looks great with everything. Audeze Sine is definitely targeted at a more niche group of audiophiles, but those looking to up their headphone game should definitely consider them.

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