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Having a picnic in the city? Atelier Teratoma designed a modern backpack with a dreamlike astronaut theme for space enthusiasts who love spending time outdoors.

The light outdoor gear looks like something you’d see from a Wes Anderson movie. It maintains a strict, black and white tone throughout the bag, with minimal bold accents.

The designers responsible for the piece, Eugenio Fernandez and Victor Nouman, said the following about the concept behind the Technopicnic basket:

“Traditionally the picnic is associated with the search of natural environments to share a meal. But what happens when we bring this idea to a context defined by hard pavements, congestion and new ways of communication? We believe that today the natural setting for a picnic should be the epicenter of the city: the square.”

Atelier Teratoma unfolded 3 pieces

It’s a Real Functioning Picnic Kit

Looking beyond the upbeat design, the picnic basket is loaded with useful components for a small outdoor party. To start, there are dual cup holders that are large enough to hold standard cans. Silver pillows are also available for those who want to take a short power nap.

The best way to take advantage of these features would be to place the basket facing up. All of the pieces seem to come in pairs, hinting that the bag is ideal for intimate gatherings- unless of course you have a few of these around.

Unfolding the outdoor kit reveals low, kickstand tables strong enough to hold snacks, gadgets and other urban accessories. The main piece also includes metal legs, possibly designed for keeping the bag dry, away from moisture. This makes sense because as you’re about to find out, there are a ton of digital features hidden under the hood of the basket.

Packed with Astronaut-approved Features

The edgy picnic gear comes with a list of essentials to help you stay connected while enjoying the outdoors. USB charging ports will keep your smart devices going, even if you forget to charge them before leaving the house. A Bluetooth-powered screen allows for direct communication with other individuals.

Bright lights are available for night picnics- perfect for exploring new spaces. Two circular speakers on the back of the astronaut kit lets you blast relaxing tunes while chatting with friends under the shade.

The bag does consume a lot of power, due to all the quirky electronic features attached to it. That’s why it also comes with solar panels for those who are ditching the city trail and heading into the unknown.

Atelier Teratoma picnic gear main component

Enhancing the Urban Picnic Experience

The futuristic outdoor gear is all you need for a great time under the sun or stars. City picnics do not require hardcore survival equipment, leaving room for experimental styles.

With this in mind, the latest piece by Atelier Teratoma strikes a stunning balance between robust functionality and pizzazz. You won’t find a waterproof sleeping bag or a large GPS beacon on the basket. The bag has been stripped of heavy camping features, leaving you with a light but complete picnic experience.

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