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For true music lovers, dropping the bass isn’t everything. There are other elements in songs that deserve the same level of attention and praise. High notes on the keyboard and wispy fill-ins are examples of details that make your favorite tunes catchy. That’s why hearing these components are essential to getting the full experience that most bass-ready speakers simply can’t offer.


Exposing every sound wave that you’re missing out on with mainstream speakers is Treelabs. The group released a revolutionary Bluetooth speaker, called Astro, that doesn’t follow the rules of today’s portable listening devices. It offers clarity by accommodating to the needs of every track you push to the speaker.


“Astro is the world’s only true “pure audio” portable speaker. While all other portable speakers digitally change the song to fit the speaker, the team behind Astro has changed the speaker to fit the song. Astro uses hardware instead of software to control volume distortion, so that you can enjoy your favorite music in its purest form,” said the company in a press release. “With Astro, there was no need to over­complicate the design; it’s all about producing the best sounds you’ll ever hear with a beautiful, minimalist approach.”


Delivering Pure Audio

Astro actively meets the demands of both the music and the listener. It goes beyond hard-pumping bass, which is where most speaker brands stop. By focusing on the mid and hi aspects, you’re treated with quality audio, instead of muffled beats. Companies in the space use digital signal processing (DSP) technology to manipulate and distort music before it exits the speaker. As a result, all of the tracks that go through the machine sound the same. This becomes an issue when your playlist is filled with multiple genres. It’s a problem worth addressing because most people indulge in all types of music, from synth-friendly electronica to organic blues.


Treelabs’ solution gets rid of DSP. It doesn’t apply the technology in the Astro Bluetooth speaker, so you can expect to hear every detail from its 50mm wide drivers. With a wireless range of over 66 feet, you have the option to move around freely while controlling your playlist using any Bluetooth device. The unit lasts up to 16 hours on a single charge. Restoring the battery to full capacity only takes 2.5 hours. For a hands-free experience, individuals can hang the speaker on a stand or bag using a sturdy, built-in loop that is attached to the body.


Ordering Information

The company is currently hosting a funding campaign on Kickstarter, where you can take advantage of several deals and discounts. At the moment, the Super Early Bird specials are gone, but you can still grab one for $139. The pledge comes with stereo plugs, a charging power cable and a free M.R.K.T Protection Case. Standard color options include black, white, blue and light brown. Other tiers allow you to choose from a handful of upbeat Temple Art designs. Shipping for the orders is scheduled for December 2015, just in time for the holiday season!

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