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I’ve worn glasses basically all my life. I got my first pair in the 3rd grade—blue and purpled speckled frames that undoubtedly were the coolest. Since then I’ve struggled to find the perfect pair with a stubbornly wide face, a frustratingly nearly nonexistent bridge, and high cheekbones. Thank you Asian genes. But now my face has met its match with Aspire’s new brand of eyewear. These babies magically fit my face, which means that they sit on the bridge of my nose, not my cheeks, and that I can actually smile without my glasses shooting up over my eyebrows. On top of that, they’re light as a feather and can be bent and twisted without snapping. Hello, spectacles bliss!


Launched by ClearVision Optical, Aspire offers a “barely there” fit and feel with unbelievably comfortable glasses. Made with 3-D printing and a proprietary new material called SDN-4, Aspire’s glasses are extremely lightweight, pliable, strong, resistant to heat and UV exposure, offers shape memory, and, here’s the kicker, hypoallergenic.


An anti-slip nose pad system that doesn’t leave a mark keeps the glasses in place whether you’re looking down at your computer or out walking your dog, and a seamless hinge eliminates the need to replace screws. The frames are created with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery rather than being injected to produce an array of chic shapes and sizes. I can’t be sure there’s anything more I could ask out of a pair of glasses.


Photos: Matt O’Brien

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