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Our grandparents had pencils and moleskins, our parents had notepads and pens, and now we have our smartphones with a stylus. All wonderful tools that throughout the ages, Our smartphones, however, have provided us with a pocket-sized world of creative possibilities with an array of fun apps that allow us to free our inner artist.

Loop – Free


There is such a vast array of options to animators now beyond doodling in a flipbook. With Loop, you can actively animate scenes of magic and mayhem on the go thanks to its dynamic detection system that works both the iPad and iPhone collectively.

The app even comes with a nifty add-on that lets you use your phone’s camera to trace out the movement or actions of a specific character; which it automatically translates into fluid motion after each recording. The features may be somewhat basic if you’re used to a full animation setup, but Loop offers a fun and easy way to animate on the go.

Keezy – Free


Sure you’ve heard of GarageBand and Ableton for recording music from your phone, but have you seen Keezy? An app that’s advertised as “perfect for toddlers and adults,” Keezy is a mobile music game that lets you playback and loop customized soundbites that you record through the phone’s internal microphone.

Essentially the buttons work much like what you would find on a full-fledged 808 beatmaker, wherein individual samples can be linked to each of the eight multi-colored tiles, and played back with a simple tap. From here it’s just a little bit of rhythm and rhyme to bring your creation to life, and then it’s time to pop out that next Top 40 hit.

Traktor – $9.99


What if actually making the music isn’t your thing, and you’re just here to party? Well, fret not aspiring DJ, because the wildly popular desktop mixing program Traktor is now available in the App Store for iPad and iPhone.

Traktor, a piece of music mixing software that first made its name as the way that “iPod DJs” kept their playlists synced, has since morphed into the leading app that high-profile performers like Steve Aoki, DeadMau5, and Skrillex put together their sets before each show.

With Traktor, the party follows you wherever you go, and you’ll never be left wondering when the bass might drop once you’re the one in control.

Wrap Up

Although they might not offer everything you expect from home, these three apps still give artists a perfect path to expression, no matter where you are in the world. Whether it’s animating an opus, pumping out big beats, or just mixing up the next mega-hit, the iPhone and iPad are perfectly equipped for the job of letting your inner muse fly free.


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