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“It’s not about marketing, it’s about being cool,” the princess of pop, Ms. “It’s Britney, Bitch” Spears, once declared. And guess what? She has a point. As the music industry continues to bomb trying to market material and profit from it, it’s looking more and more like a puppy dog with its tail between its legs – it knows it’s doing something wrong, but it’s too busy basking in its own misery trying to make us feel sorry for it to do something truly revolutionary to fix itself.

Enter Britney. To hype the release of her new anthemic, girl-power earworm with Iggy Azalea, “Pretty Girls,” Spears kicked off the song’s promotional tour in a truly left-of-field, but astonishingly unique way – she called an Uber. With tricked out Britney Uber vans carrying grab bags full of Britney merch and a chance to win tickets to see her sold out Vegas show “Piece of Me,” Spears commandeered the ride-sharing service during a weekend in Los Angeles to introduce fans and unsuspecting commuters to her song of the summer weave snatching tune. Yes, for a day, L.A. residents could call up a Britney Uber van that would continuously play “Pretty Girls” on a loop, days before it hit radio and iTunes. Screw a press release; Spears announced she was back in style.

And while Madonna debuted her music video “Living for Love” on Snapchat a few months back and Rihanna premiered short snippets of her song “Bitch Better Have My Money” on Dubsmash before its full release, Britney’s Uber venture was truly next-level and really got me thinking: what other apps or services could pop stars utilize to promote their new material? Below are my free marketing tips for some of music’s hottest acts.

  • Beyoncé: We all know Beyoncé’s one and only goal is to make us dance. She even teamed up with Michelle Obama to start the Let’s Move campaign to get people, well, moving. A natural continuation to Bey’s mission? Partnering with Fitbit. Just think of how many people would get moving if, after an undisclosed number of steps, a new Beyoncé song was sent directly to your phone. Unlocking the next “Flawless” would ensure people stayed moving too.
  • Lady Gaga: How has Lady Gaga not used Grindr yet with her legions of gay fans? Capitalizing on the location-based app would be the perfect opportunity for Mother Monster to orchestrate a monster mash so to speak for special listening parties for a new album, or, even bolder, an impromptu concert. Looking for Gaga? Yes.
  • Kesha: Isn’t it about time for a Kesha comeback? Duh. How should said comeback kick off? With a partnership between her and Drizly, the alcohol delivery service app. We all know Kesha’s music is tailored-made for partying, drinking and, essentially, blacking out. In order to make sure the party does start without her physically walking in, accompanying a Drizly booze order would be a code to download a new Kesha jam sure to fuel your Saturday or Tuesday night (I don’t judge) rager.
  • Iggy Azalea: In what is perhaps the defining pop culture story of the year thus far, Iggy Azalea got into some mad beef with Papa John’s. The best way to show them who’s boss? Partner up with the Domino’s tracker app, make a specialty Iggy Pizzalea pie with vegemite spread and have Iggy rap the status of your order to you. Suck on that Papa John’s!

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