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Headlines went abuzz with news of the Apple Watch finally leaving the production lines and landing squarely on wrists around the world. Among its many features, the company behind the compact clock has been touting the fitness capabilities of their watch beyond anything else. Yes, it can run apps, display emails, and help you respond to texts quickly – but it doesn’t have a heart rate monitor installed on the back for nothing.

So, to determine whether the Apple Watch (and its Sport variant) is worth it for the fitness fanatic, we’ve decided to put it to the test against some of the more popular options currently available on the market. Will it hold up to the scrutiny, or fall flat after tripping on a crack in the pavement? Read on to find out.

Nike+ Fuel Band – $99

The first, and some would argue the best, of the fitness peripheral revolution, the Nike+ holds its place in the front of the pack simply for having one of the most storied reputations in the game.


The company redefined the term “wearable” when they integrated sensors into their shoes that could talk to your phone through bluetooth, constantly updating your run speed, distance, and even the gait of your step in realtime.

That same passion is clear in the FuelBand, which keeps detailed logs of all your fitness activities throughout the day, and manages them through the Nike+ app on your phone.

FitBit Charge – $129

Although the Nike+ suite of products reigned supreme as the premier option for those looking to get in shape for years, lately the market has exploded with a glut of competitors that could give, if you’ll excuse the pun, Nike a “run” for their money.


The FitBit is a stylish, slim, and sexy addition to the lineup of fitness-centric wearables. The FitBit Charge is one of our favorites, because it can keep you going both on the trail and off with its sleep monitor and battery life that lasts up to 10 days between plug-ins.

The Dash – $299

If you’re one of the couple million people who saw the semi-sci-fi flick “Her” in theaters last year, you probably walked out thinking one thing: where can I get one of those earpieces? Well, fret no more, because the future is finally here.


The Dash are a pair of wireless, bluetooth headphones that come equipped with everything from 4GB of onboard storage for your favorite music, to audio-based fitness trainers that use your heart rate and distance stats to customize a workout program just for you.

The Dash is still in pre-order, but you can get your place in line today by ordering directly from their website.

Wrap Up

So, at the end of the day, although the Apple Watch may seem like the best option for those looking to get themselves in shape, there are a range of products already on shelves that do more than it ever could, oftentimes at a fraction of the price.

Yes the Watch may be the new thing that everyone has to have, but if staying in shape is all you’re looking to do, then maybe a step down could be as good as taking the stairs up to work.

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