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Unveiled today at their annual mobile hardware event, the Apple Watch Series 2 has finally arrived. Retaining similarities to its predecessor, but equipped with some fantastic upgrades, you’ll want to get it in your hands and onto your wrist ASAP. With the same tried and true square watch face for notification and time display and one-day battery life, this new device is also made with the brightest display screen that Apple has ever included in a product, coming in at around twice as bright as the first generation version.

Also getting a much-appreciated upgrade is the processor in the watch. Called the S2, the new processor is dual-core and 50% faster with two times the graphics performance. This means that using apps and navigating through the interface of the watch is much easier and quicker, especially paired with the watchOS 3 software.

However, the most notable changes are the addition of a GPS chip and water-proof shell. This brand new GPS feature means that wearers will be able to track their distance and speed for running, walking, biking and more without the presence of your phone although it does not include cellular connectivity, meaning no calling or text sending despite it being able to give you directions.


As far was taking a dip with your new Apple Watch is concerned, the Series 2 is water resistant up to 50 meters, meaning it is capable of withstanding water pressure down to this depth. Apple also used new adhesives and seals to make sure the water-proof shell was up to snuff and comes with a speaker system that actually ejects water after you get done doing your laps. Better get your swim cap ready!

Cases for the Series 2 are available in aluminum, stainless steel and a pearl-like ceramic white that is said to be a whopping four times harder than the steel option.


Also announced during this event was Apple’s partnership with Nike for the Apple Watch Nike+, which is a sporty version designed with runners in mind. Available in four colors, it comes with a stretchy band, a lightweight aluminum case and Nike-specific features like running display modes, Siri integration, a Sunday running club and customizable motivations. Available for preorder now, the Apple Watch Series 2 is going for $369 and starts shipping on September 16th.

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