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Not all of us may be acquainted with Brad Bellflower, the spokesman and self-proclaimed Silicon Valley maverick. Not all of us may have heard of prior to their new ad campaign either.

If I told you it’s a commercial series starring Jeff Goldblum, would that ring a bell? For most, the answer is yes.

Bellflower, portrayed by the charismatically eccentric Goldblum, is the new voice and face for a company that is trying very hard to break through a barrage of competitors offering the best selection of rented spaces. Goldblum’s character is a mysterious individual who spouts philosophical wisdom and catch phrases like ‘apartmenternet’ and ‘polyonafesto’. Neither really makes any sense, but that’s what makes’s $100 million ad campaign so alluring and entertaining.


Who is Bellflower exactly? No one knows per se, and he himself doesn’t spend too much time describing his background and surrounding accolades. He just is. Goldblum’s embodiment of Bellflower is merely a parody of the many tech executives touting complicated vernacular in dramatically lit keynote speeches and TEDTalk –esque conferences. But while the company uses Goldblum to poke fun of the hype surrounding the Silicon Valley and technology, casually drops their business card in the laps of on-looking viewers.

So what does have to offer that—dare I say, craigslist or Zillow doesn’t? Plenty (including the elimination of those pesky housing scams). Since their $584.2 million acquisition by CoStar Group Inc. early last year, has blossomed into a thriving search engine specifically modeled for renters and property owners. Lending tech savvy talent to their new addition, CoStar showcases a robust set of innovative tools that only help to bolster the ‘paradigm’ Bellflower can’t stop talking about.


How does it work?

Before delving into the quest for the perfect nest, users are prompt to set a minimum and maximum amount for rent to avoid any outliers that promise to disappoint. Pleased with the results, but still want something a little more specific to your commute or preferences? Fear not, with the help of CoStar, provides users with detailed information regarding real estate in the shape of two very special and innovative tools:

Polygon and Plan Commute

Not only can you set a price range, but Polygon allows you to select which neighborhood suits your needs by drawing any shape or shapes within the map. For a brief introduction, be sure to watch Polygonafesto featuring Bellflower himself as he enriches audiences with the vitality of polygons and snails… holy cats indeed!


Plan Commute makes life a whole lot easier with filter options that allow prospective renters an opportunity to calculate their estimated commute to and from work, school, even the gym. A great tool for those who have limited transportation or live in congested areas. Plan Commute gives a realistic projection of areas in addition to the many filter options they already have to offer. Best of all, users can save their results as reference when making that important decision.


What do these tools say about house hunting? Brian Boero of 1000Watt said it best, “The rental market has been highly fragmented. It’s still a wide-open category” (Taves). Throw in competitive rates and heavily populated areas and you have yourself quite a challenge finding that needle in a haystack. But seems to have taken on this task with steady precision. They sort through that haystack for you.

With their relaunch off to a good start, we can only hope that more new tools being offered by CoStar through will emerge in the months to come. In keeping with Bellflower fashion, their growing apartmenternet is a definite game changer and resource that contrasts drastically from those old internet days.


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