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Whether or not you realize it, video game photography is very much a thing. Not only does it exist, it’s an integral part of developing and marketing video games. As technology continue to evolve, video game footage and graphics have become increasingly more sophisticated, detailed and realistic. A well-made video game can rival films these days, with cinematic cut scenes and footage. The better looking video games have become, the more demand there has been to capture this footage. Artists have started making careers out of shooting artistic photographs (essentially screenshots) inside of video games. Wherever there’s demand, there’s a company bound to make a product in order to give the people what they want.

Graphics company NVIDIA is set to popularize in-game photography beyond just the artistically driven and knowledgeable with a new tool called Ansel. This virtual photography tool is named after the iconic photographer Ansel Adams. For gamers who have been itching to capture their glorious feats and successes in video games, Ansel is a tool that will facilitate this. Much more than just a built-in screenshot option that appears in some video games, Ansel will be a tool that’s incorporated into games that will place a number of functions into game controllers that players can execute so they can capture stunning artistic photos while they’re playing.

Creating footage that will make every gamer drool, Ansel lets gamers freely control and move the in-game camera to set up the shots, capture 360-degree photos with a simple click of their controller and save them as high-resolution images, perfect for producing unique video game art. Ansel also includes editing features that will enable players to adjust everything from color, brightness, FX, vignette and more. The 360-degree images can even be viewed with virtual reality headsets. Currently, Ansel can be found in games such as Tom Clancy’s The Division, No Man’s Sky, Lawbreakers, The Witness and Paragon, and will soon become available for all GeForce GTX gamers – something to get all gamers excited! As NVIDIA states, “anything’s possible with Ansel.”

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